Queensberry Panorama Flushmount Albums

Queensberry Wedding Albums are synonymous for being the best of the best, the Tiffany and Co of the wedding albums, the creme de la creme, the pick of the bunch, the best…you name it. They are really that good. It’s not until you look at one will you understand why I love them so much.


When Queensberry came out with a new album type called the Panorama Flushmount, I was really excited as they have never had an album which allows the image to be spread across the entire page. Creased, not cut at the spine.

Here’s the 3 reason why I love it

1) You can make a bold, daring statements with new page layouts

Nothing better than having an image in your album large, and bold. Behold the double page goodness! Seamless, and perfect for bold and beautiful Imagery. You now have so much more room for creativity in your layouts giving you options to do whatever you want.

2) There’s a Medium page option so your album is not a telephone book in size

Size matters and if rocking a big massive album is not your thing, or you just don’t have storage this is a great option for you. If it’s too big to drag out then it stays in the cupboard. An easily accessible album is one that gets looked at all the time.


3) There’s 2 page options available – Choose fine art inkjet printing for something different, or go traditional with Silver Halide. Inkjet has a wider colour gamut to allow deeper blacks and brighter tones, so you have more range in your print. It’s nice to touch and silky smooth, without being too shiny.

To learn more about Queensberry Albums, visit www.queensberry.com or have a look at my blog article here

Queensberry Albums Review by Kevin



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3 Reasons Why I love Queensberry Panorama Flushmount Wedding Albums

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July 12, 2017

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