The 8 Biggest Wedding Day Regrets that you Shouldn’t Ignore

Weddings are big business…everyone knows that. It is estimated that the average Sydney Wedding is approximately $30,000. A lot of money to be spending on one day.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who will take advantage of the fact that it is probably the most important single day of this stage of your life. I personally have experienced this first hand.

One day I had an phone call from a bride who was in tears, because her photographer decided not to turn up on the morning of her wedding. Of course, I had to help her so I decided to cancel my plans with my family in order to photograph her wedding. It does happen far too often unfortunately, a lot more than you realise.

I’ve compiled a few quotes from brides around the world that could help you decide on your wedding photography in Sydney.

“I wish I’d checked out my photographers’ portfolio before hiring them.”

There is no doubt that hiring an experienced wedding photographer to shoot your big day is a must but equally important is ensuring you hire the right photographer whose style matches exactly what you want from your wedding photographs.

Wedding photography is an art and comes in many different styles, from straight-up traditional wedding photography to some rather ah-may-zing styles that are more along the lines of news photography or an artistic style.

Be sure to peruse your photographer’s work before you sign on the dotted line to ensure you like it. Even the most exquisite candid wedding photographer’s works won’t appeal to someone who likes a different style. It takes only a few minutes and you’ll know the minute you see their work whether it suits your style.

Equally, if there are certain shots you know you wish to capture, tell the photographer. You don’t want to find that you have exquisite wedding photos of you and your bridal party, but not a single shot of you and your parents or you with your bestie.

“My photographer did an amazing job with our photos, but I didn’t get a single photo with my brother and sister, and I didn’t even realise it until the day my wedding album was delivered,” one bride told us. “I should have thought about my must-have shots before my wedding day or, at the very least, discussed my options with my photographer.”

“I’d have hired a better photographer/videographer. We got married in India, and trusted a family friend’s recommendation. Unfortunately, they only brought one guy to video our first occasion, who literally just took video of my sister’s behind during her performance. With the photographer/videographer, make sure to look at multiple wedding photos to get a good idea of what they can do.” –Simi, 36, New York City

“I would have planned more time for pictures both before and after the ceremony. That’s what we really had at the end of the day to take with us and it just wasn’t enough.” –Selene

“I think an engagement shoot would have been nice. We didn’t even think of it.” –Jaci

“I would [have had] better pictures. I feel I didn’t get enough pictures of the families together. I also don’t have enough candid shots.” –Elena, 34, Westchester, NY

“The photographer insisted on no table shots because he thought they were a thing of the past… I wish I hadn’t listened—it would have been nice to see photos of all of the people who were there. I always tell people, it might be a little dated, but you will appreciate it later on.” –Marcy, 37, New York City

My biggest wedding regret was having a family friend take photos instead of hiring a photographer. She had a lot of heart, but the pictures were really disappointing.” 

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The 8 Biggest Wedding Day Regrets that you Shouldn’t Ignore

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July 12, 2017

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