On your wedding day, all your careful planning and preparation is over. It’s time to focus on you and your enjoyment of the day ahead. That’s where I come in. After five years as a Sydney-based wedding photographer, I’ve attended 100s of weddings in many different venues.

I know how to blend in and position myself perfectly to capture the candid, emotional micro-moments at the heart of your day. By the time your wedding day arrives, we’ll have spent time getting to know each other. You’ll feel so relaxed and comfortable in my presence you won’t notice me, or more importantly, my camera. I’ll spend the day finding just the right place and time to catch a memorable gesture, a whisper or a smile.

You can trust I won’t disrupt your celebration with requests for staged intimacy. I’ll ensure your photos reflect the natural beauty of the occasion, your interactions with family and friends and your joy. Your photos will reveal the true story of your wedding, from start to finish.


the experience

On your wedding day,
I make sure it’s just nice and easy

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Long before your wedding day, we’ll spend time together getting to know each other and forming a genuine partnership. I’ll share the many tips and tricks I’ve learnt for a successful wedding. And we’ll work together to map out the timings for your special day.

When I arrive on your wedding day, you’ll feel like you’re welcoming an old and reliable friend who’s there to help everything go smoothly. The deep trust we share will allow me to photograph the natural and honest moments that occur all day long. My goal is to create a remarkable artistic keepsake that tells the unique story of your wedding.

Once you’ve selected your favourite photos, we’ll sit down together and design your bespoke Queensbury wedding album from cover to cover. Your precious memories will be preserved so you can revisit your magical day, time after time, as the years go by. I’ll offer you my help and guidance from the beginning of our journey together until I deliver your finished handmade wedding album to your home. You can depend on me – that’s my promise to you.

We build strong relationships you can depend on

Why I photograph weddings

Our wedding day was enhanced because our family and friends were there to share it with us. We continue to relive this through our wedding photos. I understand how critical it is for me to focus on you and the people around you. I want to capture your guests’ tears, emotions and laughter so I can tell your story. After your wedding, the photos will show you how happy everyone was to have the privilege of sharing your very special day. 

My creative, artistic photographic style will reflect the true beauty of your day. I have a relaxed, calm approach that allows you and your guests to be yourselves. I avoid excessive unnatural posing so your photos are real and candid.

I mix in with your wedding party and work behind the scenes to record intimate moments without interrupting the natural flow of your wedding. My photos will reveal the true story of your wedding day and preserve it for you to cherish and revisit for years to come.

Understanding what makes an awesome wedding photographer

My wedding day taught me the importance of creating trust between a wedding photographer, and the couple. When you feel relaxed, it’s easier for your photographer to capture authentic moments. When my wife and I were planning our wedding, we wanted to find someone we could feel comfortable around.

I wanted the best wedding photographer Sydney could offer – someone who was not only greatly skilled but could make me feel at ease. I remember that feeling so I take the time to build genuine friendships with all my clients. This ensures I get the opportunity to catch the natural micro-moments that fill your wedding day and become fond memories.

I believe an awesome wedding photographer needs a creative eye and a vision to faithfully document your day. But since my own wedding, I know it’s also essential your photographer feels as passionate about the success of your wedding day as you do. I love what I do and I genuinely want to help make your ceremony a wonderful, unforgettable experience. Because we’ve spent time getting to know each other, I’ll blend into your wedding party and record all the day’s emotions as everyone relaxes and celebrates together.

The importance of trust

Share the Love

Capturing the happiness 

I’ll tell your unique wedding day story 

In 2014, when I married my beautiful wife, I had been a wedding photographer for years. But it wasn’t until my wedding day that I was truly able to understand what makes an awesome wedding photographer. 

I believe in printing your memories, because they are worth remembering forever

Our products

Bespoke albums – handmade in New Zealand

Only  the best will do for my clients and I believe I've found the world's best wedding albums in Queensberry.

As technology changes, wedding albums will still be around and never go out of fashion.

I'm a firm believer of the prints and the magic superpowers it has to bring the memories flooding back. 

I offer albums, fine art printing, framing and much more

let me tell your family story

Your wedding day was freaking awesome,
and now it's time to design your
wedding album together. 

I'll make things easier by pre-designing your album for you so you don't get into any arguments over what photos go in with your new partner!

We’ll work hand in hand to design your unique handcrafted Queensberry Album in the comfort of my home studio.

I'll even provide the snacks! 

Jessie & Blake

My husband and I cannot recommend Kevin highly enough! From our very first meeting we were completely confident in our decision to have kevin document our big day!

He was always quick to respond, helpful and attentive right from the get go

We wanted beautiful candid shots of real moments and this is exactly what he gave us! He was friendly to work with, creative and professional.

He made us and our Bridal party feel comfortable in front of the camera and we all enjoyed every moment of the formal photography


"Absolutely amazing! A truly stand out photographer!"

Mei & Anthony

As soon as we met Kevin we felt very comfortable with him and his approach to wedding photography.

Kevin was friendly, patient, punctual, sincere, reliable, unobtrusive and a photographer who is very passionate about his work.

Kevin delivered the finished product in a VERY timely manner which was great. Our photo’s were fantastic, and many of our friends and family share this same opinion about Kevin’s work (and also his wonderful personality).

I would highly recommend Kevin as a photographer not only because of how wonderful his work is, but also his refreshing and genuine approach to his work.

"Kevin maintained the same level of professionalism throughout our entire journey with him. "


Jess & Sam

We couldn't be happier after having Kevin as our wedding photographer.

His images speak for themselves, but his personality goes a long way towards making him a fantastic choice.

We met Kevin at a wedding expo and knew he would be a great choice for us from the the very beginning. 

We had an engagement shoot before the wedding which was perfect because it allowed us to relax more in front of the camera,

We couldn't be happier with Kevin and would love to recommend him to everyone in need of a wedding photographer

"We couldn't be happier"


Debbie & Ruben - Wollongong

You know you picked the right photographer when you can feel that photography is his passion. Kevin was such a wonderful person to work with!

It was taken beautifully and oh the candid and natural photos, we are lovin' it!

Thank you Kevin! I don't think I need to explain everything since your photos explain it in a magical way. 

We absolutely love your photos and thank you so very much for giving us a way to look back on our special day. 

"our wedding photos was beyond our imagination"


Rachael & Andrew

We are so thrilled we had Kevin as our wedding photographer!

 He took the time to get to know us as a couple and was more than happy to do any particular photo requests we had.

Our engagement shoot was so worthwhile as I felt he really got to know us as a couple; so when our wedding day finally arrived we both felt so comfortable in front of the camera.

The photos of our wedding are so amazing it's like reliving the day again. I can't recommend Kevin enough!

"Incredibly professional the whole way through"


Leanne & David

Our experience as clients of kevin was that he was patient, on time, easy to work with, listens, and engaging.

The last thing a bride needs to stress about on her big day is whether things are going according to plan or not. It was effortless to leave the job in Kevin's safe hands.

We chose to trust him on the day, and was very impressed with his style. We love Kevin's humble character.

Talk about a professional who does more than he has been asked for!

"Creative. Professional. Reliable. Honest"


Meyry & Marco

Kevin managed to capture our special day moment by moment.

The images reminded us the excitement, the laugh and the fun of our big day. From our initial meeting, we knew that we want Kevin to document our wedding.

He was so professional and discrete and yet captured so many beautiful moments between our family and friends.Thank you for all the effort you put in to making it such a great experience!!

We highly recommend Kevin for anyone looking for a wedding photographer!

"The Photos are absolutely stunning!"


Ann & Andrew

Photos came back so promptly as well, and boy were they beautiful. For quite a long-winded day with so many things happening,

Kevin was so professional and captured everything so well. It's been amazing reliving the wedding through all his photos.

He was also very responsive, patient and was readily available for all our questions leading up to the day. He was even readily available after the wedding, despite just having his first child newly born!

You can really tell Kevin takes a lot of pride in his work - and rightly so

"Kevin was amazing on the day, making us feel completely comfortable"


Skye & Nathan - WatervieW

As soon as we met Kevin we felt comfortable to give him the job of photographing our wedding.

Kevin is friendly, listened to what we wanted and shared some of his expertise to help us understanding how to best structure our day. 

He has a true eye for photography and his work is impeccable.
We could not have asked for a better experience than the one we had.

We were thrilled with our wedding photos and would absolutely recommend him to anyone!

"Has our best interests at heart"


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