5 Things I Love about weddings at Gunners Barracks

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There are many reasons why I love photographing weddings at Gunners Barracks, and I’d love to share 5 reasons why i think it’s a great location for wedding photography in Sydney.

I wanted to give you a bit of a history lesson about the venue to frame things up a bit.  I promise you I won’t be boring like your high school history teacher!

History of Gunners Barracks

Gunners’ Barracks was constructed in 1873 and is really one of Sydney’s finest examples of a fortified building built by anyone back in its day. It was so well built in fact, it’s still standing in the same spot today then it was 200 odd years ago.

No one fired any cannons at it, and the walls are still very much intact.

Why they decide to build it on a cliff top was anyone’s guess, but I assume it had one of the best views in Sydney so it could get a birds eye view of any boats coming in with big scary cannons.

Truth be told there’s even some cool tunnels underneath that links all the buildings together. So what does this all mean for someone getting married in Sydney? Well, it’s got a really awesome view and we have history to thank for it!!

It’s now looked after by the amazing team at Grand Pacific Group  which also has some of best wedding venues in Sydney under its belt. Namely, The Tea Room at QVB, Dunbar House in Watsons Bay, Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay down the road and The Blue Room in Bondi.

Ok so enough about the history of it, let’s get into why I Love about weddings at Gunners Barracks

#1 -It’s an all in one venue

Sydney wedding photography

Ahh….nothing like an all in one venue. For us wedding photographers in Sydney, this is a godsend as we don’t have to travel so far to get to photo locations.

For you, the bride and groom it makes life so much easier on the day, not having to travel ridiculous distances to your photo locations in Sydney. You can simply turn up to your venue and have great wedding photos just like the one below.

The dining room is beautifully styled main dining room with its luxury furnishings, Florence Broadhurst wallpaper and Waterford crystal chandeliers. It has a lovely old world charm, very romantic but definitely not outdated.

It’s one of my favourite wedding ceremony and reception venues in Sydney for a smaller wedding under 130 guests, or 180 cocktail style.

#2 -Your Wedding Ceremony takes place at the same venue as your reception

weddings at gunners barracks

Again, this is so awesome once you see how this makes your life and everyone else’s so much easier on the wedding day. At Gunners Barracks there’s 3 choices for your wedding ceremony.

The first and probably most popular options is inside the sandstone courtyard which my clients really loved. There’s a nice long walkway so you can make your grand entrance, and it’s got walls on three sides which makes it nice and enclosed for a bit of intimacy.  There’s even Kookaburras who stay and watch the ceremony with you (BONUS)

There’s room for about 50 guests in the courtyard.

The second option is on the Harbour View Lawn overlooking the whole Chowder Bay Area. I think this spot would be amazing during a late afternoon Sydney wedding ceremony. Just imagine the sunset that comes down over the horizon as you’re saying your vows….

There’s also the wet weather option in the terrace deck inside Gunners Barracks too. Nice to have something up your sleeve just in case things don’t plan out with the rain.

#3 – The Food is pretty darn good

weddings at gunners barracks

One thing I have to say is the food and service was pretty impeccable.

The  Executive Chef Nathan Darling does an amazing job to to provide the a great menu for your Wedding reception. It’s got influences of classic British and French that is sophisticated for such a classic venue.

I’ve had my fair share of wedding food over the years, and it certainly ranks up there in the memorable list for me 🙂

I always like to try the canapés so I can find out for myself whether my clients would like the food and they certainly did not dissapoint.

I do have to warn you about the kookaburras though. Hold on to your food otherwise they will seek it out like a guided missile.

weddings at gunners barracks

You’ve been warned, they are very cheeky! I have personally seen them take someone’s arancini ball right out of their hands!

#4 – The View is amazing!

Sydney wedding photographer

Its stunning clifftop location was built for a purpose, to ensure you get the best view just in case you need to fire your cannon at passers by. These days, you don’t need to fire any guns or cannons, only champagne bottles at your guests.

I am glad someone thought of this as you could not ask for a better view of Sydney Harbour and a better spot for your wedding ceremony. You can see the entire view and the sun sets just behind the building.

gunners barracks wedding

#5 – There’s plenty of photo spots nearby

gunners barracks wedding

Nearby is Georges Lookout with breathtaking views and sunsets of Sydney Harbour, as well as a small bushwalk path with a rainforest like area for those nature lovers.

You don’t need to go anywhere else for wedding photography when you book Gunners Barracks for your Sydney wedding. It’s got plenty within a short stroll.

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5 Things I Love about weddings at Gunners Barracks

August 18, 2020

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