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Oh crap I might be in trouble later.

I received a text from my wife yesterday at 5.05pm “when are you coming home, i’ve got dinner waiting here for you”.

I replied “i might be a little late, I’m still shooting, you might want to start without me today!”

When the sunset is this good you can leave early! I had to go with my gut instinct, which is, when it’s good you keep going until the sun goes down.

That’s exactly what I did at Kings Tableland National Park in the Blue Mountains. The lookout is called Lincoln’s Rock. It was quite busy with locals and tourists but there was still plenty of room to grab that amazing sunset photo.

Thomson and Jo are so glad we decided stayed back and enjoy the sunset as it is. In reality, how often do you get to appreciate what nature gives us?  Not that often.

Well worth the effort!

Thanks guys for an amazing session and look forward to your Sydney Wedding at Flying Fish Restaurant in May.

Blue Mountains Engagement Photography

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April 10, 2018

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