I wanted to share a recent story about a bride who nearly didn’t have a wedding photographer on her wedding day.

This happened on the morning OF her wedding day.

Yes, read that correctly, her photographer decided that her wedding day was not important enough and not turn up.

Imagine what would happen if she could not find anyone…

Unfortunately I hear horror stories like this all the time, and I want to warn you that it does happen and you should always go with a wedding supplier who has credibility, trustworthy reviews and a great reputation and not simply go for the cheapest, best deal and a convincing sales pitch.

There certainly are sharks out there trying to get your money, but there are also plenty of great suppliers who genuinely care about you and your fiance and want nothing but the best for your wedding day. Because they understand exactly how important it really is.

Being a full time photographer I was lucky enough to be in the position that day to help this poor bride that very day. And she is forever thankful to me for doing this.

I’d like to share my Facebook post which I wrote the next morning below.

If you ask me it was a pretty tragic situation that could have been easily avoided if proper research was done beforehand. It could have been absolute disaster, but luckily I was there to save the day! Yay ME! 

Why Choosing the Wrong Photographer can be a very big mistake!

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P.S I’ve got plenty of great wedding planning tips which I know will help you. I know how stressful it can be, but I’m here to make things super simple and so easy! I’m here to help you to understand why Choosing the Wrong Photographer is very big mistake

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Why Choosing the Wrong Photographer is very big mistake

November 3, 2017

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