Is it a good idea?

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. I agree. It sucks!!

This whole Coronavirus situation has made planning a Sydney wedding so difficult with all these government restrictions in place. I’ve had nearly three quarters of my 2020 weddings postpone to 2021 as a consequence. Ouch!

In light of all of this, it’s important to understand our values and priorities and making sure we look after our best interests.

You two πŸ™‚

That might mean that we have to cut back on things we don’t need and refocus on the things that bring us most joy.

If you had second thoughts on getting married this year, then perhaps consider eloping instead, and rescheduling the wedding party to another date when things get better.

The benefits of eloping over having a bigger wedding are tenfold. In fact, I’ve written a list of why you should here. As an elopement photographer in Sydney, here’s my best advice which I hope you’ll find useful

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1. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper

elopement photographer in Sydney

Did you know the average wedding in Sydney costs over $35,000?

Yes that is certainly a lot and with job security out the window at this time it may not be a good idea to have that massively lavish wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Instead, ask yourself, could you plan a smaller wedding with the people you care most about and skip the whole “wedding” thing?

If that answer is “YES I CAN”, then maybe you should consider the elopement thing instead.

You will certainly save yourself a lot of money and resources

If not, then that’s completely fine. Proceed as normal but try and think about your true priorities and spend it on what matters most. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a big fat European getaway and you would rather spend money on that instead.

If money is no object for you and you want a huge celebration with all the bells and whistles, WHOO HOO! I love that and I hope your day is magical.

But whether or not you do have the money, if you are still are looking for something different, something more, something deeper and perhaps more suitable in these stressful times, read on.

2. Less stress – Less to Organise

elopement photographer in Sydney

The stress of planning a wedding is sometimes be overwhelming. I’ve been there myself when planning my own wedding a few years ago.

I recall the many arguments I had with my then fiance on the little things that really didn’t matter. Should we have the beef or chicken, whether the confetti should be made out of plastic or something biodegradable…

Don’t get me started on guest lists…at times I felt like I was a groomzilla!

I know, it’s silly but planning a big wedding is stressful. We had 120 at ours and it was hard enough. So planning a smaller more intimate elopement will be a breeze in comparison!

Another reason that you may not have thought about, it is you hate being the centre of attention. Not everyone loves it, and if you’re planning to elope there won’t be that many people around. So less stress there!

What ever your reasons are, there is no doubt that eloping is the “less stress” alternative to a grand party.

Eloping can be so unique to every couple and just as beautiful as a big wedding. You can certainly make it as big or as little as you want.

3. It’s so intimate

elopement photographer in Sydney

As I mentioned above, a lot of people have a problem with the thought of being the centre of attention. I’m certainly one of these people, and the thought of having over 300 guests at my wedding scares the daylights out of me!

Imagine trying to speak to 300 people on the night, you’ll probably only spend 1 minute with each person and that’s already 3 hours!

More and more couples are eloping simply so that they can enjoy the act of getting married.

When you elope it is you, your partner and just a handful of people that you love.

This can be such a romantic and intimate display and it will allow you to really enjoy the company of those you care about. I think that’s a really great thing.

4. You can do it anywhere anytime

elopement photographer in Sydney

One great benefit of eloping is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. Even on a weekday when people are busy at work!

Once we’re able to start travelling again I am sure people will plan to go overseas and combine a holiday at the same time and kill two birds with one stone.

I had a client recently hire out an Air BnB in Mount Tomah Botanic Garden and and had a mini destination wedding out there amongst the beautiful gardens. What a great idea!

Wedshed has an awesome article on why you can have your Sydney wedding on a weekday.

8 Reasons to Get Married on a Weekday

5. Focus on what’s important to you

elopement photographer in Sydney

Having an elopement means you can really focus in on what is most important to you, instead of what is important to others.

Yes, it might seem like you’re being selfish at first, but I think the people who love and care for you will understand!

I’ll give you an example of a very close friend who decided to elope instead of having a bigger more traditional wedding.

I wasn’t even invited to the ceremony. In fact, no one was. It was just them two, and the celebrant. They hired an awesome elopement photographer Sydney to capture the ceremony. But guess what they did afterwards?

Invited thirty of their best family and friends (including me and my wife) to Bennalong in Sydney and treated all of us to a 6 course degustation with the finest wine and food you could think of.

It was an amazing night, filled with stories of the past, how they met and a lot of laughter and tears.

They told us afterwards that they didn’t want that big wedding, they just wanted those who mattered most around them and celebrating their love and friendship was all they wanted.

At the end of the day, all that matters is you and your fiance

The bottom line is of course, what do you want the start of your marriage to look like? Maybe eloping is the right idea.

Always remember never to apologize for how you choose to start your marriage either. Feeling bullied and want to elope? Don’ t let anyone guilt you out of that decision!

I’ve got 5 Ideas to make your wedding day more meaningful. Click below to check it out

Im here to help. If you’re looking for an elopement photographer in Sydney reach out and I’ll be glad to help πŸ™‚


5 Reasons Why you should elope in 2020

August 7, 2020

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