acre eatery & camperdown commons

Jing & Brandon

What I loved about Jing & Brandons's Acre Eatery Camperdown Commons Wedding

Everything was literally 5 minutes away! Jing and Brandon don't own a car, so they wanted their wedding to be only 5 minutes away. They stayed 5 minutes walk from the venue, Acre Eatery & Camperdown Commons. I live only 15 minutes away by foot.

We had a flash rain shower halfway through our group photos with the bridal party making for some fun times!

It was very much a reflection of who they are as people, eco concious, all about friends, eco ethical weddings that leave a small footprint. They had a lamb and pig spit roast and lots of earthy vegetables and food, plus organic wines.

The speeches were super fun and awesome too. To me, i love weddings that reflect the true personalities of the couple.

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