Poachers Pantry
Canberra ACT

If you live in Canberra then you probably already know about this place, but for me a Sydneysider when I was contacted by Kavita and Forrest to photograph their Canberra wedding I was over the moon. 

One, because I am a massive foodie/wine buff and I was so excited to hear that Poachers Pantry has its own in house smokehouse, and a winery called the Wily Trout right on site!

Two, I have a soft spot for Canberra as it has some of the best mountain bike tracks in Australia.
Being able to combine 3 of my favourite things, photographing people in love, food and wine and mountain biking was too good to pass down. 

So I was completely sold on the idea and drove out to Canberra and met Kavita and Forrest at the Little National Hotel in Canberra where they were staying. 

Kavita wanted to see Forrest for the first time so we managed to find a really cool spiral staircase for it. You can never expect how the groom will react seeing his bride for the first time, and guess what...he started tearing up at the sight of Kavita...awww

So now about the wedding day. After their first look and wiping the tears away, we headed off to the National Aboretum where Forrest proposed to Kavita in amongst the Dairy Farmers Hill. If you haven't been here before it's a pretty cool place with different themed areas dedicated for growing a species of rare trees.

Arriving at Poachers Pantry, I knew exactly where to go as i did a site inspection when we first met, so we headed straight there. Forrest luckily has a big 4WD so we jumped in his car and drove all around the entire property, including the vineyard. We found a fantastic place on top of this hill with this tree that was hit by lightning many years ago. 

After our photo session, we headed to the ceremony location at the homestead lawn underneath a huge golden elm tree which looks magnificent! 
Kavita and Forrest only had 16 guests attend the wedding, so only their nearest and dearest made it. 

The day ended with the most spectacular sunset during the ceremony, and we all headed into the restaurant where the room was setup beautifully with personal touches made by Kavita.

The food is heavily smokehouse driven, with smoked duck, trout and local Canberra produce all featuring in the menu. The result...YUMM!!!That'a all i can say. Just really good, honest food that is not too fancy.

The day ended how it started. With a lot of fine wine, food and company that they won't forget. It was a wedding I am so privileged to be part of and I can't wait to show you the photography from that magnificent day.

Venue / Poachers Pantry
Wine / Wily Trout
Hotel / Little National Hotel in Canberra

A SMall but intimate wedding at poachers pantry canberra

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