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Lynda & JD

Kind Words from Lynda & JD

"WOW...These photos are seriously awesome. Better yet, we had so much fun doing it with you around. i am seriously taken away by what you have done for us and we will have these memories for a lifetime. 

we had our engagment shoot together and honestly I was really nervous about it, but after 10 minutes you completely turned us around with your calm and soothing nature.

keep doing what you do because you are amazing"

What I loved about Lynda & JD's
RACA Wedding

Lynda and JD love their family so much that they dedicated part of the wedding ceremony to them, which made it so beautiful to watch and something I'd love to see my kids do for me one day. 

They also love to party and celebrate and even had a drum entrance normally for Middle Eastern weddings.

Lynda also has her own styling company Alure Events and she did everything herself.

The ceremony featured a nephew who rode in with a mini Mercedes car which took everyone by surprise. 




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