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Lynn & Francois are just so cute together. And they have a lot of really close friends and family. They had over 300 guests, but they genuinely knew every single one of them. 

They met whilst playing Oztag, whilst on opposing teams. It was love at first tackle and Lynn joked that she was only there to pick up cute boys...and Fran was there to win the match! They then decided to join the same team and play on the same side and their love story has grown ever since. 

I can't recall ever seeing the groom cry so much in one day. They even joked about 15 times throughout the day! But it was so beautiful to see how much it really meant to him and Lynn, and how terribly close they both are to their families. 

Before the groom can see his wife to be, traditionally in a Vietnamese wedding they must prove their love for her by doing random dares. 
The poor groom and groomsman had to get past the bridesmaids first by performing the "Kiss the seaweed" game where they had to pass a piece of seeweed using only the lips, swinging a lolly using only a piece of string and your hips and bribing the girls with lots of cash!

The day stated with a Vietnamese tea ceremony, where they honoured their ancestors past and present, and had a massive lunch afterwards.
The ceremony was held at Ottimo House with Ben Ager as their awesome celebrant making it really enjoyable for everyone. 

We then headed off to the local park in Lansdowne for some bridal party photos in a old pine forest which totally looks out of this world 

Lynn is a cake maker by trade, so she made a super effort to have plenty of sweets and desserts for everyone to try.
They had DIY bubble tea, donuts and snacks, and even Messina Gelato in the evening. 

The night ended off with a huge party on the dancefloor with DJ Dumbo providing old school RNB hits. 

I can't recall how many times i laughed throughout the day, it was such an enjoyable wedding to be part of. Really was!

Venue /Ottimo House
Celebrant: Ben Ager
Hair and Makeup: Sophie Lau

A countryside wedding that went off like a rocket

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