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You have better things to do than worry about photography. Whether your wedding is in your backyard, in an open field or a rustic winery let us take care of it all.

We love storytelling and we're all about simple and natural photography that will make you incredibly happy and combining it with the best albums and products available to mankind to help you remember your day. 

Our custom packages are created just for you. Dream it, and we'll make it happen.

Let's dive into it, shall we?


So how will you help me with my wedding photos? 

It's your wedding day. It’s time to let loose and let your emotions take over because it's one hell of a party. Cry, shout, let it all out. Just be yourself and don't worry if your makeup is all messed up, your dress doesn't fluff out right or your best man forgot the rings! It makes for one heck of a story afterwards.

By the time your wedding day arrives, we’ll have spent time getting to know each other. You’ll feel so relaxed and comfortable in my presence you won’t really notice me. Sounds hard to believe but it's true. 

I'll use my special ninja skills to position myself perfectly to capture the candid, emotional micro-moments and let your true personality shine through.  No generic and boring photos! 

No forced moments. No unnecessary disruptions or "Hey Stop for a photo". Just go out there and be yourself, it's the best day of your life.

No awkward poses. Ever. I Promise!


the experience

No awkward poses. Ever.
I promise

I'll take extra good care of you

don't worry!

I don't take your wedding day lightly, and it's not just a hobby, pastime or thing I do on the weekend. It's my full time gig and has been for the past 3 years. It's an honour to be invited to a wedding and for me it still feels that way. 

I'm truly invested in my couples and I want you to be shouting from the rooftops, and jumping for joy when you receive your wedding photos. I only take on 30 weddings a year to ensure I am truly committed to you. 

I don't waste my time submitting my work to magazines or blogs to inflate my ego, i'd rather invest my time making sure my clients get the best possible experience from me.  

I've had a 100% happiness rate from my clients for the past 5 years and i'm confident i'll do the same for you too. 

I'll even help you with some personal recommendations and tips along the way to make your planning much easier.  It's all part of the personal service to you. 

Because your trust and happiness is everything to me

what my past clients say
from the ABIA

Fancy awards and stuff to convince you I’m really really good

my achievements

I wear these awards like a  boy scout showing his badge of honour, but really what does it mean to you?
It means I really care about my work and i'll work my little ass off to make sure you're incredibly happy.

* Runner Up 2018 NSW Australian Bridal Industry Awards (ABIA) for Wedding Photography
* Finalist 2019 & 2017 NSW Australian Bridal Industry Awards (ABIA) for Wedding Photography
* World's Best Wedding Photography - Junebug Weddings 2018
* Silver Award with Distinction 2017 - Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) 
* Silver  Award 2016 - Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) 



the packages

Our super awesome inclusions

Queensberry Wedding Album

the finest wedding album known to mankind. And you get one!

Kevin as your photographer

a multi award winning photographer at your service

Safe as a bank vault backup

your memories will be super safe, always. no worries!

Handcrafted Wooden Print Box*

a  collection of your favourite images, printed on archival paper

Lifetime Online Gallery Access

access your online gallery anwhere, anytime, forever

Complimentary Together Session*

reaLly helps to put you at ease before the big day

So, what's included in your packages? 

A lot of stuff that you really want to have and need to make your wedding photography experience freaking awesome such as an engagement sessions to make you feel at ease before the day.

Tangible things that will guaranteed to bring the memories flooding right back. The best albums in the world by Queensberry albums and handcrafted wooden print boxes. Stuff you'll be proud to have for the rest of your life. 

Less of the crap you don't need. Like USB's and things that won't stand the test of time

 Super Fast 4 week turnaround

Your photo gallery completed before you know it!

The Highlights Slideshow

a short 4 minute highlight video just for you

* Included in Story and Legacy Collections only

The Legacy Collection - $6,995

Featuring Queensberry's flagship album, the Overlay Matted. Printed on Silver Halide photographic paper and individually hand cut and matted. Guaranteed WOW factor.


14 x 10 Inch Queensberry Overlay Matted Album with first 20 pages premium leather cover and presentation box

Two Parent Copy Albums to keep your parents happy

Complimentary 1 hour Together Session worth $495

Handcrafted Wood Print Box with 80 fine art prints

Up to 14 hours coverage with Kevin and 10 hours with assistant

Queensberry's Studio Album. Handcrafted using Italian fine art Paper and a luxurious linen cover. it is light, easy to carry, but still really really nice for the price


Up to 14 hours coverage with Kevin and assistant

Your photos are printed directly onto archival fine art paper. Panorama pages go right across for maximum WOW. Nice and thick pages for that feeling of luxury. 


10 x 10 Inch Queensberry Flushmount Album with first 20 pages and micro leather cover and presentation box

All of the "super awesome inclusions" listed above

Up to 8 hours coverage with Kevin

The Story Collection - 5,195

 9 x 9 Inch Queensberry Studio Album with first 20 pages and luxurious linen cover with a lovely suede dust pouch

Complimentary 1 hour Together Session worth $495

Handcrafted Wood Print Box with 80 fine art prints

Up to 10 hours coverage with Kevin

The Journey Collection - 4,195

If you’re having a short, lunchtime or intimate gathering or undecided about having an album, this coverage option is the perfect solution.


Lifetime Online Gallery access with your photos delivered in high resolution

6 hours coverage with Kevin

Coverage Only - 2,995

Additional Hours - 300 per hour
1 hour Together Session - 495
Assistant for up to 8 hours - $350
7 Inch Parent Albums - 350
30 Inch Fine Art Canvas with 75 Year Guarantee - 450
22 Inch Fine Art Framed Print on museum grade paper - 400
Handcrafted Print Box with 80 prints - 250
Additional Album Pages - from 50-100
Designer Album Box - 200
Leather Upgrade on Albums - 150
Travel Fee outside of Sydney - Ask me

The extras

Additional hours and Together Session can be added to maxiumum 12 hours

All of the "super awesome inclusions" listed above

All the "super awesome inclusions" listed above

Why should you invest in a 
wedding album

future proof your photos

Fast forward 20 years in to the future and today is your wedding anniversary. You find your wedding album and open it up. It looks just as good today then it did when you first received it. 

As you turn each page you notice firstly, how darn good looking you both once were, how did you fit into that dress and you begin to remember. You run your hands over the paper pointing out little things that catch your eye all the memories and feelings from the day come flooding back.                                                                                                            
You turn to each other, kiss and think back, how wonderful it was to have everyone there to celebrate with you. It really was the best day ever. 

An album is a beautiful, tactile way to view, share and remember that special day.

Alternatively you could be turning the house up side down looking for the tiny usb stick or DVD which doesn't work anymore because they stopped making them 10 years ago. 
The wedding album is the only future proof product there is for your wedding photos.

Call me old school, but i love seeing printed photographs. Maybe because I was born in the 80s before digital photos came along. For me it brought everything back to life. 

I provide every couple with a collection of handcrafted prints from their day in a nice wooden box

It's a little gift from me to you. You'll love it!

Your memories will be immortalised in a beautifully crafted photo album. Handcrafted using the finest materials in the world by Queensberry, it will stand the test of time, and make you incredibly happy in the years to come.

Click on the video to see what the albums are like 

Handcrafted products

your memories

Some people say getting their photos taken feels worse than getting a root canal done. Someone did tell me that once!

Unless you're a supermodel, most people feel uncomfortable having their photos taken. That's a true fact. I can help make it less painful with a complimentary engagement
(pre-wedding) photoshoot *(for those booking the collections only)

It’s very relaxed and easy – just the 3 of us. It’s yet another way for us to get to know each other and a great way to ensure you both feel calm and comfortable on your wedding day

Many couples tell me it was the best idea EVER and didn't realise how much fun it actually is.

*The Together Session

how i gain your trust

"I normally don't like my photograph being taken, but the engagement session really helped me to relax about my photos before the wedding day. It's a lot of fun too!" 

Karleigh & Dan

something you'll really enjoy

the highlights slideshow

Here's something that you're guaranteed to love and guess what, it's all part of the service. 

A few weeks after your wedding, i'll send you a little something to get you super excited before the full gallery arrives.

It's specially curated by me to tell the story of the day to a cool soundtrack. 

"Ahhhh! Kevin! This is AMAZING - We could not wipe the biggest smile off our faces the entire time we were watching it.

About to watch it for the second time in a row and then probably a third and many times in a day is too many?!

Thank you so much! We cannot wait to see the rest :)"

Here's a quote from a client who watched their video whilst on honeymoon in their overwater bure in the Maldives sipping Maitais and Mojitos

Your photos will be
safer than a bank vault

don't worry!

Your memories are super important to me, and i don't take the safety of your wedding photos lightly. It's something that most photographers take for granted, but I certainly take it super seriously. 

How do I keep your photos safe? 

Firsty, I run dual card slots on my cameras to ensure that i've got 2 copies of your photos at all times during the wedding day. My assistants also do the same thing. 

I also have 2 cameras and backup lenses just in case anything happens.

When I get home after the wedding, I don't go to sleep until your photos are back-up-ed, and I will have 5 copies of them somewhere on this planet by the time you've had your first breakfast as husband and wife.

Pretty cool huh?

Your photos will be back before you return from honeymoon

your photos

What's better than receiving your wedding photos? 

Receiving them extra quick.

Even before you come back from your month long honeymoon. 

Not three months later. Not your anniversary present

How does within 4 weeks sound? Pretty cool!

How long do i need for each part of the day?

Here's a quick rundown of each part of the day
Appx 45 mins for groom getting ready
Appx 60 mins for bride getting ready
Appx 30 mins for civil ceremony
Appx 30 mins for family/group photos post ceremony
Min 1hr for location bridal party photos
(Excluding any travel time between each locations)

do i really need to feed you? 

YES, and I will promise to take extra good care of you if you do. And so will all of the other suppliers! We often work 10 hour plus days without a break so anything is muchly appreciated. Plus we won't get hangry.

P.S I like really savoury snacks, coffee and wedding cake :) 

I love your work! How do I lock you in? 

That's awesome news! If you're happy with everything just let me know and i'll send through a booking form, contract and questionnaire.

A deposit of $2000 is payable within 7 days and the final balance is due 30 days before the wedding date. 

how many photos will i receive?

Roughly between 700 – 900 edited images for a 10hr wedding. Sometimes even more than that. 

Every wedding is different so it's impossible to know what will happen, but rest assured you're going to have more than enough photos to make you incredibly happy!

are you insured?

Absolutely YES! I don't leave home without $20million worth of insurance. This is one question you need to ask all of your wedding suppliers, anyone who is not insured should be avoided like the plague.

In this litigious society we live in we can't leave anything to chance, especially your wedding day. 

how many hours coverage do i need?

Simple answer to this, as long as you can afford. A wedding day only comes around once, and you don't want to miss anything. The best things happen when you least expect them. 

Ideally if you can have me for the getting ready through to the 1st hour of partying that would be ideal. 

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