Queensberry Studio Album is really something special

When Queensberry announced that they had a created a new wedding album, to say I was pretty excited was an understatement.

For too long, I’ve always wanted an album that was

  1. Really nice to look at
  2. Not too big and intimidating
  3. Light and easy to whip out at anytime
  4. Handmade and crafted to last a lifetime
  5. Lays flat

They must have read my mind and created this little ripper of an album for us Sydney Wedding Photographers in mind.

Let’s start with what i really love about the new Studio Album

It has nice, light pages but not so light you can poke your finger through it!

1mm thick pages that flex a little, but not too much so it wobbles like jelly

It lays flat and allows the photos to spread across the 2 pages. Oh Yeah!

It is binded beautifully and allows for a lot more pages than usual.

They have also created a new matt paper option that is just gorgeous to look at with a light texture to it.

I’ve ordered mine with their new album box which you can customise which completes the look and makes it yours

Check out the pictures of the new album below

This album is a 9×9 inch in size, wrapped in Coastal Linen Ocean with a custom album box with black foil emboss, and the white foil custom emboss

Queensberry Studio Album

October 18, 2019

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  1. kevindu says:

    love it!!

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