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Shikha & Sam

Kind Words from Shikha & Sam

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we couldn't have asked for a better experience than you provided us. You made us feel completely at ease, not just us but all of our family and friends. I am really camera shy but you made it so much better for me so I felt comfortable.

Your photos really tell the story of the day, you went above and beyond and gave us complete confidence right from the start. 
kevin you did beyond amazing!"

What I loved about Shikha & Sams's Sergeants Mess Wedding

Shikha and Sam had a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, which was the first time I had experienced one. It is so unique, and all about the love, karma, dharma and sutra. 

They also had an Indian Rock band called Karma happens and they literally danced the night away.




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