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I believe your wedding photos deserves a better home than a post on social media

I've found the world's best wedding albums in Queensberry, the Tiffany & Co of wedding albums. They are really that good.

My photography focuses heavily on the final product being a wedding album for my clients, not just images on a USB which you occasionally look at when your at the computer.

It is tangible, real and evokes memories like nothing else can. It will never go out of fashion, EVER. 

Hand made in New Zealand by Queensberry

Your wedding day deserves more than a momentary posting on your timeline. Don't leave them to sit in a cold, barren hard drive or USB stick. Please!

That’s why I include a beautifully crafted photo album in every wedding package. Of course you will have a link to send your wedding photos digitally to everyone you choose. But nothing beats seeing your photos right in front of you in a tangible way.

Check out the video below to see what it's like to open up your Queensberry Album. The Album is wrapped in Micro Leather Ink, and Embossed in Silver font

Why I love wedding albums?

When I was a kid, photos were taken using film. I used to get really excited when my dad brought home a big bag of photos from the photo lab. We would spend hours together picking out the best images and deciding which ones would be included in our family photo albums.

Fast forward 30 years, I recently went back to my family home and found these albums. I showed them to my daughter – particularly the ones of me as a child and explained they were photos of daddy when he was a young boy. I certainly have changed a lot since then! She then pointed to a large black book which happened to be my mum and dad's wedding album. I said to her "This is grandma and grandad's wedding album. Let's have a look".

It was a pretty special moment that I hope you will be able to experience with your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. A great wedding album is timeless and becomes a cherished piece of family history. It’s over 100 years since the camera was invented. Yet we still love to look at hardcopy photos. That’s why I want you to have a high quality, hand crafted wedding album.

Introducing the  Albums

The Studio Album - As part of the Journey Collection

The Flushmount Album - As part of the Story Collection

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