gledswood homestead 

Trisha & Aaron

Kind Words from the couple

"Thank you Kevin for creating amazing photos for our special day!

We absolutely love your work and for also creating a special memory that will touch our hearts forever!

Much blessings and success in all you do! Aaron and Trishy!!"

What I loved about Trisha & Aarons's 
Gledswood Homestead Wedding

While we were taking our bridal portraits. Trisha asked me if I could take a photo of something she was carrying. It was a special pin that her late grandmother passed on to her. She told me her grandmother meant everything to her and she was here with us that day looking over us. 

I took the photo of her holding it with her hands with Aarons, and they started crying.
So I ended up crying with them and giving them a hug, and said "Thank you for sharing this with me" 





Gledswood Homestead


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Trisha Horwood

Miriam Diaz

Trisha's sister

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