You’re finally married! Hooray! You made it. It was a pleasure being part of your special day and I hope i’ve provided you with the memories that will last a lifetime. I loved working with you both so much it has made my job so enjoyable.

Now that the dust has settled down, there’s no more wedding planning left to do and there’s so much more free time. You and your new hubby or wife can get to doing what newlyweds do. Enjoy each other’s company, go on honeymoon, doing normal everyday things like housework and deciding who does the washing up or the cooking (still a battle in my household!)

Sorry to have to put a spoiler on it, but we’ve still got some work to do yet to organise your wedding album (if you have ordered one).

If you haven’t ordered an album and you would love one, just send me a quick email 🙂

Great thing is, we get to see each other again and reflect on the day that was, and how much fun it was working together.

You’re probably wondering what you need to do in order to get things started.

First things first, by now you have received your wedding photos via the Pic Time and hopefully you’ve worked your way around it. It’s pretty awesome and a nice way to display see your photos.

This is an excellent platform to share, view and store your wedding photography plus it has the ability to tag your favourites for your wedding album. Your gallery is permanent, but make sure you offload your photos offsite just in case anything happens!

You can also order prints directly from your own personalised shop in the gallery from Australia’s finest professional print labs and your family doesn’t have to bother you to get their photos printed for them (that’s the best part!)

Once you add it in, you can have a live preview on how your purchase will look and even change the colour of your frame, pretty neat hey!

Once you’ve tagged your favourites it comes out like this and saves it for you next time.

Once you have a good amount of photos in your favourites (approximately 100 +) let me know and we’ll arrange a time to meet in my home studio to design the album together

I normally design the first draft to save you time and headaches, and that way most of the work is done by the time we meet 🙂

Make sure you have 1-2 hours of time to spare as we will spend a bit of time going back and forth until you’re happy with the design.

What Happens During our Album Design Session?

You will get to see your wedding photos come to life for the first time, before they were just individual photos but collectively they work to tell the story of the wedding day.

I have designed your album so that each page is one story, and it flows on to the next page and the next one after that. Some photos that you never thought about may appear as it helps to establish what is happening. We also have bridge photos that help to link each page together. There’s a lot more to album design than putting your favourite photos onto a page.

Of course, if you have any ideas or changes that you want made we can make them right there on the spot with the design software I use. It’s a pretty easy process, and for you it makes you feel part of the design process.

We decide which one is your favourite photo of them all, and put that in the front, and another one for the back.

Here comes the the fun part, deciding on what your cover will look like!

Queensberry have made it really easy (or really hard) to choose your favourite cover materials. There are 53 to choose from, ranging from contemporary leathers from the finest artisan tanneries in France, vegan friendly faux leathers that are environmentally friendly, Silks from Japan or classic European buckrams that have been used for centuries.

Then your next choice is the paper used throughout the album.  Each paper stock has its own unique characteristic, which lends itself to your own personal preference. I’ll show you the differences in paper stock so you can decide on what works for you. The most choice by far is the Fine Art Inkjet pictured below. Smooth, nice to touch and made from 100% cotton rag.

Tintoretto is really nice if you want a bit of bite and texture to your photos. If you’re familiar with textured art paper for drawing and painting it’s just like this.

You can personalise how your album looks by embossing your names on the front. You can choose a completely custom design just like the one below (this one is a bit extra in cost)

Queensberry wedding album

Or something more simple like this

All of the Queensberry Albums come with a beautiful translucent title page to start things off. You need to decide whose name goes first! (most of the time the girls always win)

Here’s a few albums i’ve created earlier


If you wanted to add parent albums now you can also do so.  It works really well as gifts to your parents for putting up with you for the last 20+ years and a lot of my clients do want to make their parents happy!

It is more or less a mini me of your album, only smaller and cuter!

Also, if you would like any wall art to adorn those bare white walls in your new home you can see my samples. I can make fine art canvases with a 75 year unconditional guarantee, framed museum grade prints, photo boxes and much more.

I’m happy to give you a nice 20% discount off any artwork if you order it during our album design meeting. Here’s a few I prepared earlier

The Lumitile acrylic photo blocks are a nice addition to your shelf or bookcase. Holds up on its own without the need to mount it to your wall.

The canvases come with an amazing 75 Year unconditional guarantee, and it covers, you guessed it, accidental damage!

The mounting hardware is built to last, using metal wires and hooks and comes wrapped up and sealed with acid free framers tape.


The fine art prints are just stunning. They are printed on UK Fine Art Guild Cotton Rag paper guaranteed to last 100 years. It is put together with acid free mounting board, plexiglass and wrapped up in a hardwood frame. All ready for your wall.

All handmade locally with love in Brisbane. And they even put a handmade sticker on the back of it

You can frame your photo with 5 different colours, silver, white, black, chocolate or oak.

Look forward to seeing you in my studio again and let’s make it happen!


What happens now after the wedding?

July 20, 2019

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