Because your memories
shouldn't live behind a 5.8 Inch screen


Beautiful bespoke albums, handmade in New Zealand

wedding albums

I want to make sure you’re left with a tangible, technology-proof memory of the best day of your life - not just a set and forget collection of digital shots that will be posted once on social media and then forgotten.

That’s why I offer (what I believe to be) the world’s best wedding albums, all the way from Queensberry, NZ. In terms of quality, think Rolls Royce, Tiffany diamonds and Dom Perignon - in album format. (Now there’s a party…)

Why I love wedding albums (and why you should too)

Why we do it

The point is, I want this bonding experience to be a feature of my couples’ weddings on the day they receive their photos all the way through to when they can share the memories with their grandkids.

Even in the year 2040, the iPhone model 47z won’t display your photos as beautifully as this wedding album :)

"Love those little memories of yours the way they're meant to be loved"

No matter how far technology progresses, people will always bond over hardcopy photos. The feeling of a memory in your hands, the turning of a page to discover a brand new - the screen simply can’t compete.

This was true when I was a kid and my father would bring fresh film prints home from the lab, it’s true when I show my daughter what my parents looked like in their youth and it will be true in twenty years when she shows me the shots from her own wedding 

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