Because your memories
shouldn't live behind a 5.8 Inch screen


Beautiful bespoke albums, handmade in New Zealand

wedding albums

I want to make sure you’re left with a tangible, technology-proof memory of the best day of your life - not just a set and forget collection of digital photos that will be posted once on social media and then forgotten.

That’s why I offer (what I believe to be) the world’s best wedding albums, all the way from Queensberry, NZ. In terms of quality, think Rolls Royce, Tiffany & Co and Dom Perignon - in album format. (Now there’s a party…)

Why I love wedding albums (and why you should too)

Why we do it

Not just today, but for years to come. With new and old family members. With friends from next door or high school friends that have been hanging around for the last 20 years! Young and old, everyone appreciates a good story and a good book.

Our Albums are designed the old fashion way. By Me! I spend hours on every photo placed perfectly and retaining the flow of the story. I then colour correct and works closely with Queensberry to ensure the best possible results. 

Even in the year 2040, the iPhone model 47z won’t display your photos as beautifully as this wedding album :)

Here's Cheryl and Andy seeing their album for the first time...I can still remember how they felt and remembered what they said

"Our album is more then we could’ve imagined, and even better
than we thought. It's beautiful and totally worth every cent.

We will treasure it forever"

Imagine sitting around the lounge room with some old friends with a coffee in hand. You pull out your wedding album and lay it in front of them. You watch their reaction as they open the handcrafted box, take the album out and run their hands over the cover. "This is amazing..."

As they open up the album, their eyes light up in delight as you recall the stories.  You smile, laugh and cry as you recall the moments from each image. It brings you so much joy sharing this with them. 

We all love sharing our photos and memories on social media, but some things are much too special to be kept on social media or a hard drive. 

To me, this is what wedding albums are all about. Bringing the memories all back to life. 


The album come in two different sizes and way too many colours and cover options to mention in one sentence, but I know you can find the right combination that you'll love. The paper stock itself is unbelievable, made with 100% fine art cotton rag paper which, simply put means your photos will look bloody amazing printed on it!!

The seamless binding means theres no messy lines down the middle of the book. That means we can print full page spreads without losing any of the image. Aside from all that, they just look DAMN good and you have to have one in your life.

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