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I love being a Sydney wedding photographer but it took me many years of trial and error, wasted time and throwing money down the drain trying to get anywhere...this is where a mentor can help lead you down the right path

Wedding photography sounds like a lot of fun, glamorous and pretty cool. But no one told you it was bloody hard work!

Wedding photography sounds like a lot of fun, glamorous and pretty cool. But no one told you it was bloody hard work!

You have to think like a business owner not someone who's doing it for fun. 
That's where having a mentor can help, particularly if you're in your first five years of business. 

this is where i can help you

If you're looking for content that'll make the Instagram go wild, you're in the right place. We’re based on Hawaii, but thanks to the wonder of the internet, we can work anywhere. 

I can help you find your feet, pinpoint where you need help so you can get the results you want faster with less mistakes

Even if you have been around for years, I can provide guidance to help you improve, expand or refresh your business, or even pivot it in a new direction.

A lot of wedding photographers often work on their own and feel like they have to do everything themselves, so I can be your second opinion, sounding board or even help you get motivated!

new photographers

Just started out and have no idea where to start? I can help you get your business off to a flying start

established photographers

Feeling stuck in a rut and you're feeling burn-out? I can help you get back on your feet

business coaching

Learn the business of wedding photography and how to create a sustainable business to take it to the next level

What can i offer you?

everything i've learnt over 9 years

I designed and built a wedding photography business from scratch and have averaged over six figures in a saturated market for the past six years. 

You'll learn from all my successes, my failures and everything in between

Learn from my mistakes, the 300 + weddings I’ve shot and everything I've learnt from the last 9 years in business. Nothing is off limits.

my honesty

I've learnt so much during my journey and I want to share everything I know to guide you towards your objectives.

I can, and will, share every last ounce of my knowledge and experience to guide you in the best direction.

My role is to guide you to the position where you can make those decisions with commitment and confidence.

no bullshit!

Finally, I don't do bullshit. I don't use fluffy language and I won't tell you everything will be ok if I think you're heading for disaster. 

I tell it like it is and if it gives you a huge wakeup call then my job is done!

I will be totally, brutally honest with you and I'll expect the same from you. Deal?

Business basics - How to setup your business 

Delivering an incredible client experience

Photo editing, delivery and workflow tips

Portfolio and website review

How to price your wedding photography

Topics we can cover

Branding and social media

Getting more leads and how to convert them

Upsells and how to make money with albums

Copywriting and blogging

Upsells and how to make money with albums

How to book and attract your dream clients

I offer three types of mentoring

Quicky Session  - $395

Perfect to cover 1-2 topics of your choice, we'll meet for a coffee or via zoom if you can't make it to Sydney

Deep Dive Session - $695

For your 2-hour session, we will be able to cover 2-3 topics depending on how in-depth you would like to go with each. 

In each session I will share my experience and proven strategies to guide you towards your business goals in an area that’s concerning you. Sessions are conducted over Zoom or in-person

The Six-Pack - $,1695

Want a mentor in your corner over a longer period of time? The Six Pack is great if you want regular mentoring and accountability. Use it over 6 weeks, or even a year! 

My Results 

In 2022 in the wake of the worst pandemic ever, my total revenue was $279K , had over 300 leads and converted 26% of them. I pocketed over $150K in revenue and I officially bought myself a new car with cash (just because I my accountant told me so!) 

In 2017 I was nominated as Runner Up in the ABIA NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year award with over 99% satifaction rating and have been nominated for the last 5 years.   

In 2020 I  too invested in a business coach and it helped take my business from an average of $100k per year to well over double that  consistently.

Why am I telling you this? I want to be completely transparent about my own results so you can be inspired by what I have achieved and you can so do this! 

My Goal?

Your Happiness!

That is exactly right!

If you don’t honestly believe implementing whatever we talk about will bring you in revenue at 10 times the cost of the session I’ll refund your session no questions asked.

I want you to leave our session feeling inspired and motivated to take action and I know that having a business mentor by your side is the greatest investment you could make to your business and your own well being. 

Ready to make it happen?

Let's do this

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can

do for your business”

- kevin

As soon as we met Kevin we knew he was the one we wanted

to photograph us.”

We were in contact with several wedding vendors before meeting Kevin and found his natural style and personality so refreshing. 
The other photographers we contacted were slow to respond or not at all, but Kevin was friendly, engaging, grounded and unpretentious which made our choice to choose him really easy. 

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“The only hesitation we had was the initial cost, but he proved time again and again that his skill, professionalism, and friendliness were worth every cent.

We'd heard horror stories about poor prints and focus, or pushy demanding photographers. With Kevin we had nothing to worry about!

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"What really distinguished him from others was that he was truly empathetic and listened to exactly what we wanted"

Kevin took a lot of time out of his own day to be involved in key decision making and to provide us with new perspectives on challenges we faced. We appreciated this, especially as many weren't related to the actual photography of the day. It really went to show how Kevin goes above and beyond for his clients. 

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Looking for detailed pricing and availability?

Looking for detailed pricing and availability?