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Photographs you'll treasure till you're 

old and grey.

A lifetime of memories, let's chat about why your wedding photography is worth the Investment. 

You can trust in me. I'll check in regularly, be there to laugh and cry with you and guide you every step of the way.

You need a photographer you can trust hand on heart to capture one of the best days of your life. 

I know how important this day is and what it means to you. It will be freaking incredible full of happy tears and shrieking laughter and your nan might even get up and boogie for the first time ever!

In a decade, a year a month after your wedding, you won’t be thinking about how much your photos cost - all you’ll be hoping is that you got the right ones.


My style is easy, organic and incredibly simple. Stress free!

hybrid films

Super easy wedding films created in tandem with your photography

wedding albums

The best wedding albums known to mankind made by Queensberry

“In 10 or 20 years, I want you to look at your photos and instantly be transported back to the joy and awesomeness that was your wedding day and relive it all over again without any regrets.”

on your
wedding day

What's it like to have me around? 

Arriving extra early I'll make myself known to everyone around you so you're 100% comfortable with me. I'm more like an old friend on the day

The day will be really simple and tell your story as honestly as possible without stepping in and changing it. I'll embrace everything, flaws and all! 


Awkward poses? Cheesy grins?
No way! I'll be there to guide you so you don't ever feel like you're posing. Not one bit! 

Everything will be done with much love, care and respect as I humanly can. Because to you, your wedding is the most important thing in your world and I'm so chuffed to be part of it!


Memories of a lifetime starting from $3,490 - $9,990

+ Photography Coverage

Starting at 6 hours up to 13 hours, tailored to your schedule.

+ Lifetime Online Gallery 

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime. 

+ Safe as a Bank Vault Backup 

Your memories will be super safe, always. No worries!

+ Print and Web Size Photos

Your photos will be available in full size for print and social size for sharing.

+ Highlights Slideshow

A curated image slideshow to celebrate the highlights from your day, with music.

+ Triple Pass Colour Correction

Your photos get my signature photo editing process to ensure your photos look great forever.

next collection

Legacy collection

Perfect for those who have a larger cultural wedding with lots going on. Includes a stunning Queensberry wedding album, plus a second photographer who'll help me to capture every precious moment.

Fine Art Wedding Album by Queensberry

Fine Art Wedding Album by Queensberry 

The best handmade wedding album money can buy, crafted using the finest papers and materials available

Double Coverage with 2 Photographers

Double Coverage with 2 photographers

A second photographer who'll help me to capture every precious moment

Full Day Coverage

12 Hours of coverage from the start of the day till the end of the party

Story collection

The Story is perfect for couples who have their wedding in a "all in one" location such as the Southern Highlands where everything is happening in the same place 

Full Day Coverage

Full wedding day coverage

8 Hours of coverage from the start of the day till the end of the party so we don't miss any moments

Lifetime Online Gallery Access

Lifetime Online
Gallery Access

Your own personalised digital photo album and print shop that you can share with friends and family worldwide

Customise Your Collection

Add extra time, add a Queensberry album, Hybrid films  and much more

journey collection

The Journey is made for those who are having a smaller intimate gathering requiring less photography time, only wanting the key parts covered such as the ceremony and parts of the celebration

Half Day Coverage

Half Day Coverage

5 hours of coverage to cover the ceremony and some parts of the reception

Lifetime Online Gallery Access

Lifetime Online
Gallery Access

Your own personalised digital photo album and print shop that you can share with friends and family worldwide

Customise Your Collection

Add extra time, add a Queensberry album, Hybrid films  and much more

The Best Wedding Albums

Fine art albums by Queensberry

Because your wedding photos deserve more than a simple posting on social media that will soon be forgotten.

Handmade by the best in the business, you'll fall more in love with your photos for many years to come.  

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I wanted to tell a better story for my couples and soon realised that photography alone is missing one important element. 

Photography on its own is great and amazing, but if you combine it with a simple highlights video that captures that movement and energy I truly believe it's the PERFECT combination where you can have your cake and eat it too!

Check out the video below which I created on my own whilst photographing at the same time.
I call it "Hybrid  FIlms" 

Energy, movement and sound

why you'll love it

it's really discreet

I like to keep my films really discreet and simple and for that reason I don't do anything that will complicate things on the day. 

stress free

I bring the same equipment I normally would and it makes your wedding experience with me really easy and stress free. 

its really easy

I'll be your photographer + videography team and nothing really changes on the day. At the end of it all you get awesome photos and a really nice highlights video in one neat little simple package that you didn't have to do anything extra for. 

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Safe as a bank vault backup

Your photos safety is my number one priority 

Why? Because I want to make sure your wedding photos aren't lost before you can see them (sadly i've heard it happen before)

How do I keep your photos safe?
I have 2 cameras with 2 memory cards in each and backup lenses just in case anything happens.

When I get home after the wedding, I don't go to sleep until your photos are back-up-ed, and I will have 5 copies of them somewhere on this planet by the time you've had your first breakfast as husband and wife.

Triple Pass Colour Correction

How your photos become art

1) First pass. I spend many many hours looking at every photo, taking out the not so flattering photos and curate the best story of your wedding.

2) Second Pass. I then apply my special magic over it so your photos have a bit of pop, but just enough so you'll be happy with how it looks for the next 100 years.

3) Third Pass. I painstakingly hand correct and check each photo three times, checking over everything so you can be proud to have it forever.



The Highlights Slideshow

Your photos to a glorious soundtrack

Three weeks after the wedding, you'll receive a special treat from me. It will be a highlight reel of your wedding photos played with a sweet soundtrack - a surefire way to bring back all the beautiful memories of the day.

Be prepared for a few (happy) tears to roll down your faces as you relive the joy and jubilation of your wedding; it will be yours forever and - best of all - you can share it with everyone you know!

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together session

Some people say getting their photos taken feels worse than getting a root canal done. True story!

Unless you're a supermodel, most people feel uncomfortable having their photos taken, and that's very very normal.

The Together Session goes for about 1 hour. It’s very relaxed and easy – It’s yet another way for us to get to know each other and a great way to ensure you both feel calm and comfortable on your wedding day

videography se creatives

It took me a while but I finally found a videography company that I love working with so much I decided to make them my "official" partner in 2021. 

Steve and Ed from SE Creatives make beautiful, timeless wedding films with heart and simplicity.

We work really well together as one cohesive unit to make sure your story is told just the way you remember it without making it more stressful than it needs to be!

Contact me for more info about combined photo and video packages

family sessions

There is nothing more precious to me than my family. I've got two little ones myself so I know how precious they are to you. 

I'll treat my family sessions just like my wedding and i'll photograph it with complete honesty, care and to make you feel completely comfortable.

While I’m primarily a busy full time wedding photographer, at some times of the year I do have some time to fit the occasional family shoot in.

How long do i need for each part of the day?

Here's a quick rundown of each part of the day
Appx 45 mins for groom getting ready
Appx 60 mins for bride getting ready
Appx 30 mins for civil ceremony
Appx 30 mins for family/group photos post ceremony
Min 1hr for location bridal party photos

(Excluding any travel time between each locations)

I am awkward in front of the camera. can you help?

99.95 % of my clients feel the same way, and I can definitely help you! For most of the day I'm completely out your way but when you need it i'll step in and guide you on how to be your best self in front of the camera. I make things super simple and relaxed. 

Actually you won't even notice I'm there half the time! 

I love your work! How do I lock you in? 

That's awesome news! If you're happy with everything just let me know and i'll send through a booking form, contract and questionnaire.

A booking fee is payable within 7 days and the final balance is due 30 days before the wedding date. 

How many photos will i receive?

Roughly between 700 – 1000 edited images for a 10hr wedding. Sometimes even more than that. 

Every wedding is different so it's impossible to know what will happen, but rest assured you're going to have more than enough photos to make you incredibly happy!

Are you insured? Do you have a contract?

Absolutely YES! I don't leave home without $20million worth of insurance. Everything I do for you is clearly in writing to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

In this litigious society we live in we can't leave anything to chance, especially your wedding day

How many hours coverage do i need?

Simple answer to this, as long as you can afford. A wedding day only comes around once, and you don't want to miss anything. The best things happen when you least expect them. 

Ideally if you can have me for the getting ready through to the 1st hour of partying that would allow me to tell the whole story not just part of it

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we meet up before the wedding day?

Heck yes! I'd love to get to know you better before the day. Face to face or zoom is totally cool. 
My coffee order is a Double shot latte.
Full cream milk.
No sugar (i'm sweet enough)

DO you offer customised packages?

While I’ve created my packages based on what has worked for hundreds of my couples in the past, I understand that every wedding is unique and some may require something different.  If the packages don't quite fit, let's chat and we'll see what we can do to help

Hey there!

Looking for detailed pricing and availability?

Looking for detailed pricing and availability?