Manel & Macky’s at the Grounds of Alexandria Wedding

Manel and Macky are from the Phillipines, and it was decided that they come all the way here to Sydney to get married.

They looked up the most trusted source of wedding information, Dr Google and typed in best wedding locations in Sydney, and found the Grounds of Alexandra to be Number 1.

So they quickly decided within minutes of seeing their website this was going to be the place they would come to celebrate their marriage.

And they also found Images by Kevin – Wedding Photography Sydney as well from Instagram.

Isn’t it just amazing that the Internet makes the world so small despite being so huge!

It was my absolute honour to be part of their destination wedding in Sydney. They decided to choose The Lock Inn at the Grounds of Alexandria. A small, intimate room tucked away behind the Potting Shed.

It is dark, moody and reminds me of a old American hunter’s log cabin complete with a real Deer bust and bottles of old Gin, rum and whisky.

The food is also amazing, and lives up to its reputation of being generous and substantial, so you won’t need to duck off to Maccas afterwards (You’ll love the food at the Grounds of Alexandria!)

Highly recommend you check out The Grounds of Alexandria for your wedding photography Sydney.

Grounds of Alexandria Wedding

grounds of alexandria weddings

Grounds of Alexandria Weddings


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Manel & Macky’s at the Grounds of Alexandria Wedding

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August 17, 2017

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