6 tips for a perfect honeymoon

Planning a wedding can be super stressful, so once the dust has settled from your big day, what better way to celebrate than going on the perfect honeymoon! I actually think this is one of the best parts of planning a wedding.

You get to have the big celebration with all of your loved ones and then you get to celebrate, just the two of you – in style! So, the most important question is… where to? Let me give you some tips for planning the perfect honeymoon!

We all become a little giddy when we think of the honeymoon destination or activities we can do after the wedding. After months of exhausting wedding planning, the honeymoon should offer the much-needed relaxation and quality time for the newlywed couple. Sounds pretty good, right? Honeymoon planning can also be stressful so here are some things to consider when planning your honeymoon.

So how does a Sydney wedding photographer know how to plan a honeymoon? Well, believe it or not I used to be a Travel Consultant before I gave it all up to become a wedding photographer, so I do have a few old tricks up my sleeve!

And I’ve also organised my own honeymoon too 🙂

So follow me on this and you’ll find the 6 Easy Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon useful

Plan the Honeymoon Together

6 tips for a perfect honeymoon
Paris streets

I can’t stress this one enough. Planning the honeymoon should be a joint task, not only to ensure you both have an amazing first holiday together as a married couple, but also so the stress is not all loaded on to one person. Figuring out what you want to do and where you want to go should be a joint decision. Choose a budget together and then a destination, that way you can both enjoy the holiday even more knowing it’s where you both want to go!

The Early (Love) birds Catch the Best Flight

6 easy tips for a perfect honeymoon
London at night

Start planning your honeymoon at least 8 months out from your wedding. Flights generally get released 11 months out so getting in early and booking flights is always best. Make sure you shop around for the cheapest flights. Some travellers may not know this, however going through a booking agent website can sometimes be more expensive than going direct to the airline (or hotel), so make sure you shop around for the best deal on flights. You may even be able to pick yourself up a great package deal that includes flights and accommodation. There are a lot of hotels these days that have these offers directly targeted at honeymooners, so it pays to do your research!

Another tip for flights is to identify the cheapest day to fly out. You can do this by checking the ticket prices on the date that you are planning to fly and selecting the ‘flexible date’ option. This will give you prices for all the days around your selected date as well, allowing you to see if you can save some money by flying on an alternate day. According to some flight-chasers, based on their experience, Tuesday is usually the cheapest day to fly. Most of the time, flights are cheaper during weekdays, except on long holidays like Christmas and New Year. 

Treat Yourselves!

6 tips for a perfect honeymoon
NZ South Island What a view!

Ever wondered what business class was like to fly in? Or what it would be like in the penthouse of a hotel? I’m not necessarily saying go ALL OUT and spend all of your hard earned money, but this is a once in a lifetime holiday for you and your partner so make sure you treat yourself! That can be anything from upgrading yourselves on the plane or your hotel, to hiring a kick ass car or ordering the lobster at dinner! Treat yourselves to the best holiday because you only get one honeymoon!

Spend Money on Experiences

6 tips for a perfect honeymoon

Your honeymoon should all be about celebrating your love – together. Instead of buying STUFF, try to spend your money on experiences. Ones that you get to enjoy together. Think about things to do together that will give you long lasting memories that you can enjoy for the rest of your blissful married life! There are usually so many options for honeymooners when booking your destination, but here are some examples to give you some inspiration: 

  • Book a private tour to beautiful location
  • Organise a helicopter ride to a remote beach for a picnic lunch
  • Hire a canoe and go on an adventure together
  • Get a couples massage
  • Organise a private, romantic dinner

Document the Trip

6 tips for a perfect honeymoon

What is the best way to remember your honeymoon? Documenting the trip by taking lots of photos! I highly recommend getting yourself a decent camera that you can take along on your honeymoon to capture all of those incredible experiences you have together. Not just get a decent camera, but learn how to use it!

Or why not book a photographer for something extra special! Just like when booking your wedding photographer, you can also hire a professional photographer to spend a few hours with you on your honeymoon! Just picture having your favourite photo from your wedding, and your favourite photo from your honeymoon blown up extra large and hanging side by side on your lounge room wall!

Documenting all of your milestones together is something that will stand the test of time. Having professional photos and memories of your life together every step of the way is a precious gift, especially if you also decide to start a family.

Booking a maternity photographer to capture your journey into parenthood is a great way to remember the experience and hang up on that lounge room wall, right beside your favourite wedding and honeymoon pictures!

Getting Back to Reality

6 tips for a perfect honeymoon
Prague at Sunset

After having the perfect honeymoon, you will return home and begin your new life as a married couple. Why not set aside some time on your honeymoon to chat about your life goals, so that when you get home and back to reality, you are ready to jump head first together into your new life – kicking goals.

P.S I’ve got plenty of great wedding planning tips which I know will help you. I know how stressful it can be

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6 Easy Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon

September 14, 2020

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