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A wild and wet Sydney wedding at the oldest greenhouse in Australia, the Palm House and Botanic House in the Royal Botanic Garden

Stef and Mark are one of those couples that you just love to hate as they are so clearly into each other. After all, they are still on honeymoon stage being a new COVID couple!

They met during the deepest darkest lockdown online and happened to live in the same LGA, so they timed their morning walks so they could see each other in the local park. 

Their love blossomed over zoom calls and walks in the park, and they found they really wanted to be together so they did the most romantic thing ever, which was to buy a place of their own!

So that sealed their fate and now we are here today, celebrating their wedding. 

It was the coldest, wettest day in Sydney for a Sydney wedding, and the rain did not let up the entire day from day to night. 

Luckily for the bride and groom they decided to make their plan B the plan A and have their Sydney wedding ceremony in the Palm House at the Royal Botanic Garden which is housed inside a stunning old greenhouse dating back to the 1800s. 

It has lovely natural light and looks the part rain, hail or shine. 

The team at Marmalade Sky had a vision to turn the room into a sexy luxe Jurassic Park and they pulled it off in superb fashion. 

The ceremony was one amazing time, with Stef walking in with her parents, in tears and that caused a chain reaction in the room that was wetter than it was outside. 

It was still raining and we decided to say "Stuff it" and we went outside for photos anyway, umbrellas in hand and gumboots on and we took the most amazing wedding photography in the Royal Botanic Gardens in the pouring rain, much to the delight of Stef and Mark who were happy to just pash in the rain like they just dont care!

After we dried ourselves off, we went inside to the warmth of the Botanic House, one of the best hidden gems for a wedding reception in Sydney. It has amazing food courtesy of the owner Luke Nguyen who i am sure you are all familiar with and the food certainly lived up to the expectations. 

The reception was again a waterworks with the speeches being full of belly laughs and emotional tears of joy and happiness. 

I absolutely adored this wedding and being part of such an amazing love story. 

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