Wanna know what it’s like to work with Kev?
(All my friends call me this, so please do too!)

Here are my four core values:

Wanna know what it's like to work with Kev?
(All my friends call me this, so please do too!) 

Here are my four core values


It's all about Trust

No matter how camera-shy
you might be or whatever unforeseen issues arise on the day, you can TRUST me to make you look and feel your best.

Howling wind, glorious sunshine, torrential downpour, perfectly temperate...bring it on!


Keeping it simple

Planning a wedding can be an uphill climb but I’ll make sure that the photography element is as easy (and fun) as hopping on a ski lift and cruising to the top of the mountain.

I value SIMPLICITY and this means no fluff, no nonsense, no B.S. - just a fun, easy experience that results in a collection of memories that you’ll be proud to show off forever.



In order to guarantee this simple and streamlined service, HONESTY is key - I’ll be transparent about what you can expect before, during and after the wedding and when you can expect to receive your beautiful photos

(clue: when you get back from your 4 week honeymoon!) 


I really CARE

The most important thing to remember is that I CARE about delivering an incredible experience for every single one of my couples, which is why I’m 100% committed from the day you get in touch through to me handing over your wedding photos.

You deal with me the whole way through. I'm YOUR photographer, cheerleader, friend and wingman

Short Answer: You’ll have an EPIC time and marry the love of your life, with gorgeous photos to remember the day forever.

Longer Answer: All of the time spent planning your wedding will pay off...and then some.

No more organising - just celebrating your love by crying, laughing, singing or screaming
(all at once if you like), safe in the knowledge that every memory will be yours to relive again and again and again.

And my role? As we will be so relaxed with each other by this point, you probably won’t even notice me as I perfectly capture the candid, emotional, authentic moments between the moments.

Nothing awkward. Nothing posed. All you have to do is be YOU

What Will Happen on the Day?

This is going to sound like a brag (and it kind of is, but a good one, bear with me!) but the reason I have a 100% satisfaction rating from previous clients is simple: I care. A lot. 

Although I’ve been shooting weddings in Sydney full-time for three years now, I only accept 30 weddings per year, so that I can have the time and energy to dedicate 125% love and commitment to every couple. 

To me, you're never my 110th wedding this year! I certainly care about delivering a calm, confident and relaxed service that has your needs front and centre

My Goal?
Your Happiness.

Why I do it

"I care about your happiness. I care about the fact you’ve invited me to document the most important day of your life.

How long do i need for each part of the day?

Here's a quick rundown of each part of the day
Appx 45 mins for groom getting ready
Appx 60 mins for bride getting ready
Appx 30 mins for civil ceremony
Appx 30 mins for family/group photos post ceremony
Min 1hr for location bridal party photos
(Excluding any travel time between each locations)

Do i really need to feed you? 

YES, and I will promise to take extra good care of you if you do. And so will all of the other suppliers! We often work 10 hour plus days without a break so anything is muchly appreciated. Plus we won't get hangry.

P.S I like really savoury snacks, coffee and wedding cake :) 

I love your work! How do I lock you in? 

That's awesome news! If you're happy with everything just let me know and i'll send through a booking form, contract and questionnaire.

A booking fee is payable within 7 days and the final balance is due 30 days before the wedding date. 

How many photos will i receive?

Roughly between 700 – 1000 edited images for a 10hr wedding. Sometimes even more than that. 

Every wedding is different so it's impossible to know what will happen, but rest assured you're going to have more than enough photos to make you incredibly happy!

Are you insured? Do you have a contract?

Absolutely YES! I don't leave home without $20million worth of insurance. Everything I do for you is clearly in writing to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

In this litigious society we live in we can't leave anything to chance, especially your wedding day

How many hours coverage do i need?

Simple answer to this, as long as you can afford. A wedding day only comes around once, and you don't want to miss anything. The best things happen when you least expect them. 

Ideally if you can have me for the getting ready through to the 1st hour of partying that would allow me to tell the whole story not just part of it

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your coffee order?

Double shot latte.
Full cream milk.
No sugar (i'm sweet enough)

DO you offer customised packages?

While I’ve created my packages based on what has worked for hundreds of my couples in the past, I understand that every wedding is unique and some may require something different.  If the packages don't quite fit, let's chat and we'll see what we can do to help


"We were in contact with several wedding vendors before meeting Kevin and found his natural style and personality so refreshing. As soon as we met him we knew he was the one!"

The other photographers we contacted were slow to respond or not at all, but Kevin was friendly, engaging, grounded and unpretentious which made our choice to choose him really easy. 

Initially you were over our budget but soon realised we only have one chance on our wedding photos and changed our minds pretty quick and just booked Kevin in!! We never regretted that decision! 

Debbie & Jono
Waterview Bicentennial Park Wedding

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