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An epic 2-day wedding at the amazing Mansfield Estate Grants Beach

"Maggie and I are tying the knot up on the Mid North Coast @ an eco retreat named 'Mansfield Estate' on October 27th, and we would LOVE you to capture it. Our vibe will be relaxed and beachy - staying true to the coastal setting.

We're Brits living in Sydney, so our international family will be staying up at Mansfield for a week around the wedding. 

Fingers crossed, are you available and interested to drive up the coast for our wedding day?"

I nearly fell off my chair when I read this email and I was jumping for joy and shouted YES YES YES I'll be there!  

So we met for a coffee in Marrickville for the first time to book it all in, and Maggie came in with a baby bump and they said that our little one will be born before the wedding and will be 3 months old. How exciting! And they also mentioned that about 30 guests will be all flying in from the UK to be with them.  They then told me about the venue Mansfield Estate which looked amazing by the way, it was an eco retreat where everyone stays onsite. I was pretty excited before I met them and now I was even more so! 

Fast forward to 3 days before the wedding, NSW was going through a bit of a rain problem and the forecast was for 100mm of rain for the 2 days that I will be there...oh NO!!!  As I was leaving Sydney the entire time for 4.5 hours it was raining heavily, so it wasnt looking too good. 

I arrived at Mansfield Estate, driving through massive rain soaked potholes to get inside and it was pouring rain. That evening they were having a pre-wedding party with all the overseas guests and a few of them cooked up an amazing greek feast with moussaka, salads and dips for everyone to dig into. They also brought out some local wines for everyone to try.  I happily captured that evening of fun and food so that was part 1 of the wedding. I was asked to come in early the next day as the boys were planning a swim at the beach the next morning. 

Day 2, and I arrived at the venue early in the morning and it was eerily quiet. The rain did stop which was amazing, but  I was met by one of the groomsmen and said that Maggie and Glenn's roof in their room flooded due to all the rain and they didn't get any sleep!  But at least it stopped raining and we had nice sunny blue skies despite the weather forecast telling us it would rain! 

Maggie and Glenn came out with little Theo, a little groggy and tired  and said that everything is OK and said "Let's do this", so everything went ahead as planned . 

Leading up to the ceremony a little bit of rain fell, but we pushed ahead for an outdoor ceremony despite the chance of rain. And im glad we did, because during the ceremony it was picture perfect, the clouds rolled away and we were met with sunshine. 

Well, at least for the ceremony we managed to escape the rain, but not long after it started to fall again on and off, but by then we were well and truly inside and the rest of the day we didn't care that we got rained on! 

We were even luckily enough for the clouds to part and we had rainbows in the sky! 
The evening was a heck of a lot of fun and we had Ryan Martin who was celebrant, MC and band entertain us for the whole evening under the stars dancing the night away. 

It was an incredible 2 days and I am so thankful to be part of it for Maggie and Glenn

Thank you to Jess at Mansfield Estate as well as Ryan from Ryan Martin Weddings for making this day possible. 

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