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A funky Sydney city wedding at the super cool Ovolo Wooloomooloo

Sarah and Phillip met totally by chance one day when she was asked to go on a trip to the Hunter Valley by her friends. She was working at her parent's post office and just finished her shift and waiting outisde was Phillip along with some of her friends. 

What started as a chance encounter ended up to an amazing love story which I was so honoured to be part of. 

On their third date Phillip took Sarah to Harrys Cafe De Wheels, and he was surprised that she had never been before. So he took her out on a late Friday evening to a late night date to get their chilli hot dog fix ( i know, how romantic!!)

8 years later, Sarah and Phillip wanted to celebrate their wedding at the place they had their 3rd date, not Harrys but the Ovolo Wooloomooloo just outside. 

It is a funky Sydney wedding venue that has a touch of vintage chic to it. The building has been around for hundreds of years, but has been styled like a New York warehouse with funky DJ music and cool artwork all around the place.  Phillip and Sarah's heritage is Chinese and Korean, and they always wanted to incorporate their traditions and customs on their wedding day.

The day started with a Chinese tea ceremony to pay respects to their parents inside the NCR part of the hotel.  It was really lovely to see how much their family meant to them and I loved how Sarah's Korean parents participated in it too even though it was very new to them. 

Afterwards, Sarah and Phillip helped each other get dressed into their wedding attire, which was quite unique as most couples like to see each other for the first time at the ceremony.

As a Sydney Wedding Photographer you never know how the groom will react when he sees his bride walking down the aisle, but i had a strong feeling that he would cry...and he sure did! Actually both of them cried and it was beautiful to watch, especially when they said their vows to each other and had to stop and pause to recompose themselves and wipe away their tears. Everyone else in the room was bawling their eyes out! 

During the wedding reception at the Ovolo Wooloomooloo Sarah and Phillip wanted to honour the Korean side of their tradition with the Paebeak, a Korean wedding ceremony where they dress up in Korean wedding clothing to honour their parents. It was just beautiful to see and I love how it is all about family, paying respects to your parents and making them proud. 

Thanks to the team for making it all possible

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