Cremorne Point Wedding Ceremony

An Irish Man. An American girl.

Met in Sydney while they were working at the same company.

A workplace crush led to the Irish man asking the American girl on a lunchtime date

They had lunch and the rest was history.

I love a great Irish/American love story, don’t you?

Sounds familiar. You bet. But I love it!

Kacie says it was the Irish accent that she fell in love with. She couldnt understand half the things he said, but she was immediately spellbound.

She thinks her American accent is annoying, but John thinks it’s just divine.

They were engaged 5 years later and they decided to call Sydney home and they now have a beautiful boy together.

Kacie and John were looking for a photographer for their wedding, and somehow magically found me. We clicked instantly (no puns intended!).

In their words they wanted natural and simple photography that really captured their wedding day and letting them be completely worry free about their photos.

Let’s turn to the wedding day now, and what I found very cool indeed was that they saw each other before the ceremony, and took turns to dress each other!

Normally its tradition that both bride and groom don’t see each other beforehand, but Kacie and John aren’t like most people and said stuff you to tradition and decided to see each other first!

The wedding ceremony

The ceremony was held at Cremorne Point weddings in the lower north shore of Sydney alongside the water with a superb view of the entire Sydney Harbour.

There waiting for them to arrive was their closest friends and family from Phoenix Arizona, Kilkenny in Ireland and some of their besties from Sydney.

You couldn’t ask for a more picture perfect afternoon with the chilled out tunes provided by the guitar soloist.

They then celebrated with champagne and their favourite beer, and boarded a watertaxi for a cruise of the harbour.

Here’s a lovely message I received from them when I sent the sneaky peak photos from their day

“Thank you so much. The photos are beautiful! 
We had a great time on Tuesday and really appreciate all your time and effort on the day. We know you have helped capture our special day forever. 
You have been great to work with! ”

With love from Port Douglas, Kacie & John

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Cremorne Point Wedding ceremony- An Intimate affair

May 1, 2020

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