Olio Kensington Street Weddings – A contemporary space

Dull and boring.

Certainly not.



Why have your wedding at a boring, dull reception hall when you can have it at a proper restaurant with food that’s just really really good and will certainly knock your socks off!

Olio Kensington Street is situated in The Old Rum Store historic restoration – a multi-layer food, drink and cultural destination in the vibrant Kensington Street precinct.

Sicilian-born, award-winning chef Lino Sauro is the main man here, and is from Sicily in Italy. Sauro comes from a long lineage of self-sufficient Sicilian farmers and the menu with dishes that reflect a strong connection to his Sicilian roots.

Which doesn’t mean boring old pizza, pasta and bread!

They even make their own olive oil from their family plantation. Seriously, how good is that?

I was so impressed when I walked in as soon as the elevator doors opened up. I was greeted with beautifully restored brickwork, big windows which let the natural light in and a modern but chic looking setup.

Next door, you have the Spritz bar so the guests can mingle on the rooftop terrace whilst everyone else is getting ready.

Now when it came to the menu, it was a 6 course sharing style with arancini, squid. I was lucky enough to sample the handmade scampi ravioli which was seriously good. You can tell everything was done by hand and love.

The desert was your classic tiramisu which you can’t go wrong with it unless you completely stuff it up.

The room space fits about 120 comfortably with nice long tables so everyone feels like part of a big extended Italian family.

I really look forward to my next gig at Olio Kensington Street weddings.

Olio Kensington Street Weddings

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December 19, 2019

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