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19 Sydney Wedding Vendors I Love Working With

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing wedding vendors over the years. Being in the Sydney wedding community, there’s no shortage of people who genuinely WOW me with their talent. On the flipside, there’s also a fair few dodgy ones that couples are best to avoid… While most of the vendors I’ve met work hard to deliver a good service, there are some that have left a particularly heavy impression on my heart. These are, in my opinion, the best wedding vendors in Sydney. 


Ben Ager Sydney wedding celebrant

For far too long, we’ve considered the actual wedding ceremony to be the most boring part of the day. But why? After all, isn’t this the exact reason we’ve all gathered? I truly believe this section of the day is one of, if not THE most exciting moment, and we should start to plan it as such. Celebrants are a vital piece of this wedding puzzle…after all, they’re the ones who will perform the ceremony! Each celebrant brings their own flair to the celebration of love. Some like to keep things short and sweet, while others prefer to tell more of a story about who you are as a couple. The best ones spend time getting to know their clients’ histories in order to create heartfelt ceremonies that leave all of your guests reaching for the tissues, as they laugh, cry and beam with pride. I have worked with Ben Ager Uber Celebrant and Lillian Lyon, both of whom have a certain something that takes the ceremony up a notch in the best and most romantic way possible. 

Dress Designers 

Ready for me to hit you with a truth bullet? The dress is always centre stage. POW! I’ve never met a bride that didn’t put a lot of thought into her wedding dress. Even those that want simple and casual still put extra care into arriving at their final decision. And so, finding the right wedding dress designer in Sydney (or beyond) is seriously important (I know my wife certainly thought so!). 

Whether you want extravagance or low-key, Santelia and Karen Willis Holmes are simply awesome. Santelia follows a more traditional couture style, while Karen Willis Holmes has a little something for everyone. They both have their own unique flair and it all depends on what you’re looking for as to which one you choose – either way, they should be at the top of your list. 

Styling and Event Coordination 

Click-click. Another truth bullet in the chamber. When it comes to wedding planners…there are some that are better than others. I know this seems obvious, but these guys are in charge of your WHOLE day – so you want to make the right choice. I can confidently say that these three are among the best wedding planners in Sydney: 

The meticulous care that each brings to the table is unmatched. It’s easy to see all wedding styling and event coordinators as essentially the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting a good planner on your side can make all the difference when it comes to your big day. Do you want a stress-free wedding? Get a good event coordinator and stylist! 

Hair and Makeup 

Finding the best Sydney wedding makeup artist isn’t a walk in the park (although if it was, that would be one pretty-ass park!). Wedding prep photos, wedding reception photography…there’s a lot to think about and the way you look on your wedding day will be immortalised in your photographs. This isn’t a reason to panic though – it’s a reason to get excited and find a hair and makeup specialist in Sydney who knows what you want. 

You want to look like you on your wedding day…just with a touch of oomph. The best Sydney bridal hair and makeup artist is the one that enhances your natural beauty. Hilary Ho Makeup and Captivate by Ellie are both superb. They know that makeup isn’t meant to cover your ‘imperfections’ – it’s meant to highlight your beauty. It isn’t about being flawless, it’s about truly seeing you and channelling that with hair and makeup. 


Someone say wedding cake? OK, I’m listening. My theory about wedding cake can be answered in two questions: Is it an important part of the wedding? Sure. Does it have to be stiff and act as a simple decoration? Of course not! 

You can have a delicious cake that also looks the part. There are no two vendors that understand this concept more than Alcakemy and SoSo Baked. They can take your vision and turn it into something that is both a treat for the eyes and the mouth. When thinking about Sydney wedding catering, Alcakemy and SoSo Baked continue to impress. 


Florals bring your wedding day to life. Calm and muted or bold and bright, florals are a must. But when there are so many options to choose from, how do you know who to go with? In my experience, the wedding flowers Sydney has to offer must accomplish a few things. First, they have to be alive and well (I’m talking about the flowers…but this is also a prerequisite for the florists!). Second, they have to match your unique aesthetic. And third, they should always arrive on time! 

If you’re looking to check all three boxes, you’ll want to choose the best wedding florist Sydney has to offer. Having seen both beautiful and atrocious wedding flowers, I know two Sydney wedding florists that stand out from the rest: 

These two are a sure bet to check all three of the aforementioned boxes – and they’re also really fun to work with!

Wedding Music 

Music sets the tone for your entire reception. If you get it wrong, it can completely kill off the vibe – I know, I’ve seen it happen – a look of ‘What the?’ sweeps across the face of everyone in the room, while half the guests suddenly get to the urge to use the bathroom. On the other, much better end of the spectrum, I’ve seen killer DJs who know exactly what the crowd wants and needs to hear to keep them dancing all night long. Ever heard a breakup song at a wedding? Sack that DJ! You want the music to be a reflection of your personality as a couple. Whether you’re into twirling each other round to high-octane pop hits, getting low and slow to old skool RnB or rocking out to good ol’ pub rock classics, you want to make sure that you hire one of the best wedding bands in Sydney to get the job done in style. 

I’ve spent countless hours listening to wedding soundtracks while I work my particular brand of photographic magic. Because of this, I’ve come to be a bit of a self-professed expert…and in my (ahem) expert opinion, the Sydney Acoustic Duo, Oberon Lane, and Lily Road are the best of the best. They’ll give you a wedding soundtrack that will play in your head for years to come. 

Men’s Suits 

The boys also need to look good and there’s nothing hotter than a perfectly tailored suit in my opinion (and the opinion of many adoring females!). So let’s get the lads suited and booted! A well-made suit won’t be overshadowed by even the most beautiful of dresses – for this, I love Bespoke Corner. They know what it takes to make the men look as extravagant or beautifully understated as fits the mood.


You’ve already found your perfect wedding photographer in me – congratulations on your fine taste, by the way 😉

But you’d like a little more motion to go along with your wedding images…and I completely get that. Just like stills offer something that video misses, the obverse is true as well. Sound and motion play an important part in memory. From vows, cheering, laughter and toasts to walking down the aisle, first kisses and spins on the dancefloor. Getting to rewatch an artful motion picture of your day is a beautiful way to spend an evening in – whether that’s a special anniversary, or just a romantic Tuesday. I really love the work of both SE creative Films and Above Below Visuals.

If you want to scour the Sydney wedding directory to find vendors then by all means double-check my recommendations – but I’ve seen firsthand how happy the vendors mentioned above have made couples through their outstanding work. If you want to chat more about who would be the best fit for your wedding, just shoot me an email!

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