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Why You Should Consider a Wedding MC for Your Wedding

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why you should consider a wedding MC for your wedding

It’s no secret that weddings are a huge deal. From the venue to the dress and everything in between, there’s so much to consider and plan for when it comes to your special day. One element that is often overlooked is the wedding master of ceremonies or MC for short. An experienced MC can make a world of difference in how your wedding runs—and how much fun you have!

As many of us can relate to, wedding ceremonies without a master of ceremony are often chaotic and lack direction. Without one appointed person acting as the host or presenter, guests may be left confused or in-the-dark about what’s happening next–and often it falls on an unsuspecting guest with little public speaking experience who is unprepared for their impromptu role!

On the flip side I’ve been to weddings where they hired a professional wedding MC and the night ran like clockwork and everyone had the best time and knew exactly what was going on.

Here’s why you should consider hiring an MC for your big day.

Organization & Timing

why you should consider a wedding MC for your wedding

No matter how well-planned your wedding is, things can get off track if you don’t have someone keeping an eye on the timeline and making sure everything runs smoothly. An experienced MC will help make sure all of your events run on time and keep guests informed as well. For example, they can provide announcements throughout the evening such as when dinner will be served or when it’s time to hit the dance floor. Having an MC ensures that nothing gets forgotten or overlooked, which makes everything go more smoothly and allows everyone to enjoy themselves without worry.

They will also ensure that your wedding venue keeps to schedule, ensuring that meal times do not run late and brief your wedding vendors on what to expect and when they need to be ready to perform (yes, that includes us wedding photographers!)

Keeping Everyone Entertained and Heard

A great wedding MC will be able to read their audience and keep everyone entertained with witty banter and stories. They will also be able to recognize when it’s time for certain events such as bouquet tosses or cake cutting ceremonies—all while keeping things lighthearted and fun. Not only does this help add some extra excitement to these moments but it also helps fill any breaks between events with laughter so that no one gets bored waiting around for something else to happen.

They also ensure that everything can be heard loud and clearly and run sound and microphone checks before to avoid any audio problems that could occur.

For every heartfelt wedding moment, it’s important to ensure that everyone in the room can hear what is being said. Unfortunately however, when asked to make a speech at someone else’s big day many of us reflexively fall into fear and nervousness – with our microphones held firmly against hip-level instead!

This doesn’t have be the case though; professional MCs are on hand during weddings for exactly this purpose – preparing speakers so their words will reach each corner of the celebration. As a Sydney wedding photographer I’ve had my share of frustrations from not hearing those meaningful messages intended for couples due solely to guests’ microphone technique…or rather lack thereof!


Here’s some advice on how to use a microphone properly like a pro

Creating Lasting Memories

why you should consider a wedding MC for your wedding

Having an experienced MC at your wedding means that each moment–from the first dance all the way through last call–will be filled with joy, laughter, and lasting memories. Plus, having an experienced professional take care of introductions, speeches, and other important moments means that you can focus on enjoying yourself instead of worrying about how those moments will go over! With an expertly guided wedding celebration, you won’t miss out on anything special or forget any details afterward because an experienced MC will make sure every moment counts–and leave you with fond memories for years to come.

So do you really need a wedding MC?

I asked my favourite wedding MC, With Love MC Jess this exact question, and she gave me a very honest and straightforward answer. She also happened to be my MC for my own wedding back in 2014!

“If an organised, seamless and well managed wedding reception is important to you, then yes it’s super important. Our sole purpose is to ensure the night runs smoothly, set the mood and tone and make sure everyone has a great night.

We also help calm the nerves of your speakers and teach them how to hold the microphone so that every word they say is heard loud and clear. The MCs job is like insurance making sure that any problems that arise on the night are quickly handled so that the couple can do exactly what they are meant to do, that is, eat drink and be merry!”

I know you have spent thousands of dollars on making sure your wedding day is exactly how you want it and the last thing you need is to leave the MC duties in the hands of a mate. Sure, they can be good at speaking, but there’s so much more behind the scenes that goes on and you never know how it will go. It could turn out well, but it could also be a disaster!”

Jessica also mentions that it is especially helpful when there is multiple activities on the night, from roving performers, art stations, food trucks, pyrotechnics, fireworks, dry ice, band, DJ , kids area, photobooth, venue manager, caterers, other entertainment – their first port of call is the MC, rather than the couple who know that everything is under control with the MC.

So in a nutshell, with a wedding MC in your corner you have peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your evening are in good hands by investing in a professional Wedding Master of Ceremonies!

Here’s the MC’s that were featured in this blog post

With Love MC Jess

Nathan Cassar MC

Sydney Celebrant Glenn

So there you go, here’s my best reasons why you should consider a wedding MC for your wedding. It’s a huge topic and I hope that helped you with your journey.

I know it’s not an easy to plan a wedding but I am always here to help! If you have questions about anything to do with weddings, I definitely have answers and I’d love to hear from you!

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