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Stress Busting Date Ideas for Busy Couples

Wedding Hints and Tips
stress busting date ideas for busy couples

Wedding planning can be stressful, that’s no secret. From seating arrangements to budgeting and everything in between, there are a lot of details that need to be taken care of and it can be overwhelming. Luckily, date nights don’t have to take a back seat when wedding planning is in full swing. Here are some stress-busting date ideas that will help you escape and relax while still keeping to the goal of making your wedding day the best day it can be.

Have a DIY Pizza Night

DIY pizza
Yes that’s me doing DIY pizza!

Put on an old movie, make your own pizza dough from scratch, buy all your favorite toppings and let the creativity fly! You can craft your own unique pizza creations while enjoying some quality time together with zero stress! I’ve got a really easy peasy recipe you can check out. Trust me, making your own pizza dough is amazing and so simple!

Host an Indoor Picnic

Put down the blanket and grab a tablecloth instead! Put together some tasty, easy finger foods like hummus platters and cheese boards for two, light some candles and get ready to enjoy a romantic picnic date night without ever stepping foot outside of your home.

Cook a meal together

If you need something to help take the wedding planning stress away, then cooking together is a really good idea. Just make sure you don’t fight on who does the washing up afterwards, as that would make the stress levels rise!

Get Outdoors

Stress-Busting Date Ideas for Busy Couples

Take advantage of warm summer days (or dress accordingly) by taking a nature walk in a nearby park or trail system. Pack up a picnic lunch with sandwiches, chips and drinks for two then set out for an adventure! The fresh air will do you good as well as provide you with plenty of time to chat about wedding plans without getting overwhelmed.

Perhaps go for a bike ride somewhere, find a place where you can hire a boat and go rowing!

Have Fun With Furry Friends

have fun with your doggie

If you’re an animal lover then why not spend your date night at a local dog park? Spend some time playing fetch with pooches who need extra love while getting in some exercise yourself! It’s also great bonding time since most dogs love being around people – just make sure to check the rules before bringing along any four-legged friends of your own!

Visit Your Local Winery

Plan an afternoon at one of your favorite wineries or breweries for tastings or just enjoy sitting outdoors chatting with each other while sipping on something special. This is also great if you are looking for ways to incorporate wine into your wedding reception so you can sample different varietals before making any decisions!

Check out a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try

Stress-Busting Date Ideas for Busy Couples

For one of your date nights why not check out a restaurant you always wanted to try. It does not have to be super fancy, even a new restaurant that just opened up around the corner. If you’re stuck on ideas on some new restaurants to try, check out Broadsheet or The Urban List. I’ve often consulted these awesome websites and found some really good restaurant ideas.

It doesn’t take much to turn any regular night into something special – even when you are busy planning for the big day ahead! So don’t forget about date nights when wedding planning becomes too much – use these ideas as inspiration for memorable moments together in spite of all the chaos going on around you! These fun activities will help take away stress while reminding you why this journey is worth it in the end – because it brings two people closer together like nothing else can!  

So here they are. Hope you like my stress-busting date ideas for busy couples planning a wedding. Happy planning!

P.S Still need some help planning the wedding day? I’ve got some more really amazing hints and tips that have helped hundreds of couples like you plan their Sydney wedding. If you’re wondering if you could skip some old fashioned wedding traditions, then I wrote a blog post on the 5 Wedding Traditions you can totally skip.

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