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4 Reasons why you should hire a DJ for your wedding

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why you should hire a DJ for your wedding

As a Sydney Wedding Photographer of over 9 years, I can honestly say I have been to a few weddings.

Maybe more than a few, but I have personally seen firsthand how much difference hiring a great DJ makes on your wedding day.

The party is pumping all night long, no one leaves the dance floor (except to go to the toilet) and every song is just a hit with the crowd!

I’ve also seen the bad, where couples have not hired a DJ, or hired the wrong one and the vibe on the night was destroyed the instant the first song was played.

So, if you’re still on the fence on why you should hire a DJ for your wedding I have put together a list of some really good reasons below.

1) They know how to mix the songs and keep it seamless

wedding dj mixing deck

A great DJ will know how to read the crowd and know what song to play to keep people on the dance floor. They work their magic to ensure that each song has the right BPM, knows when to transition from one song to the next song and mixes it so it is seamless.

I’ve come across DJs who play songs for their full length every time and people get bored and don’t return to the party.

Or they simply play the “cheesiest” song that everyone hates and they killed the party vibes instantly.

A bad DJ usually has their own agenda and fails to read the crowd (they are usually the ones who are included in your wedding venue package, usually a middle aged dude with grey hair and old enough to be your grandfather).

2) They have professional sound equipment so everything sounds great

wedding speeches

Having a professional music microphones are are must for every wedding so that everyone can hear everything that is said, particularly during the speeches. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than not being able to hear the person speaking clearly or the sound quality is poor.

Most wedding venues have a very basic sound system installed in the reception room and the volume is often not loud enough, so a professional DJ will bring their own high grade sound system and microphone so everything is crystal clear.

They also bring professional grade speakers which are dance floor ready that has the deepest bass and crystal clear sound reproduction.

3) They have access to a very wide range of music and genres

why you should hire a DJ for your wedding

A professional DJ is one who keeps up to date with the latest music, trends and has access to a wide variety of songs. They will also ask you beforehand what music your crowd will like and stick to that genre the entire evening.

They are happy to take requests and actually know what that song will be instead of saying “sorry, I don’t know that one”.

They know all the latest hits, the classics, and know that one song that will bring everyone to the dance floor, whether it’s Daryl Braithwaite’s Horses or Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

4) They keep the party vibes going all night long

why you should hire a DJ for your wedding

In my opinion there is nothing worse than seeing a dance floor empty on a wedding night, or the DJ has somehow made it happen. You paid so much money to have the best day, and to have a crap party at the end of the night doesn’t quite cut it.

A great DJ will know the songs everyone loves, knows how to read the crowd and pick the right song at the right time so that there is not a mass exodus of the dance floor!

Some advice from a professional wedding DJ

why you should hire a DJ for your wedding

Being a professional Sydney Wedding Photographer I know quite a few professional DJs and my friend Chris Davidson from Savvy Entertainment is one of the best in the industry. He turned his passion into a full time profession and has a team of passionate DJs and MCs who know how to make your night so easy and fun.

I decided to ask him for one piece of advice on how to choose a DJ for your Sydney wedding.

Chris says, “Research and follow as many wedding djs especially online until you find someone you vibe with. Watch how they play, their style and their overall attention to detail not just in the music but their care factor when it comes to ensuring their couples have the best possible day.”

I totally agree with him and I will also add if you know who your crowd will be (e.g. mostly young people who love RNB music) then find a DJ who has knows about what you want, or if your crowd is more ethnic, say Greek then find a DJ who knows Greek music.

That way you cater your music to what your crowd will actually dance to, and not simply guess.

I also would ask yourself the question “how important is music to you and do you like to party yourself?” and if the answer is “Heck yeah I love to party” and I can’t imagine my wedding day without a packed dance floor then you definitely need a professional DJ to make that vision a reality.

He also adds “When I got married that’s probably what I cared for the most that my vendors did their absolute best for us” and I agree with him 100% on this point.

I know that during my time in the Sydney wedding industry that there are so many great wedding vendors, and also a lot of really bad ones that don’t care a whole lot about you and only about the money.

Do not worry, not all of them are out to get you and there’s so many amazing Sydney wedding vendors who will do everything they can to give you an amazing experience.

Still need help finding your perfect wedding vendors?

dance floor getting crazy

As an experienced Sydney wedding photographer and videographer, I want to be sure you get those authentic, candid and editorial photos that look so beautiful, so I’m here to help through the entire process! If you have any questions about your wedding photos or how to pose, I’m always happy to help — get in touch!

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