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7 Gorgeous Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Styles

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Your wedding ceremony backdrop will turn a regular space into something pretty special. It should be reflective of your personal style as a couple. Whether you’re looking for something more simple, elegant or something a little more unique, we’ve rounded up 11 of our favourite ceremony backdrop styles to help inspire your own big day.

Wooden Plinths

I love the simplicity of these wooden plinths that let you add small details such as florals to the top. Add a Persian rug and it looks very hipster! I love how it’s nice and low and it does not take away from the background of the place you have chosen. It also photographs really well!

Romantic Floral Archway

Nothing says “romantic” quite like a beautiful floral archway. This ceremony backdrop style is perfect for couples who want to incorporate nature into their big day. Plus, it makes for gorgeous photos!

Rustic Wooden Arbor

For couples who are planning a rustic-themed wedding, a wooden arbor is the perfect ceremony backdrop option. It’s simple, yet elegant, and can be decorated with flowers, greenery, or even string lights to give it an extra special touch.

I like how it is simple and you can dress it up

Elegant Curtain Drape

An elegant curtain drape is perfect for couples who want a classic, yet glamorous look for their ceremony backdrop. This timeless style can be easily customized to match your wedding colors and will make for beautiful photos. Add flowers and it looks amazing!

I love how this room looked with the light orange drapes from the ceiling, it looked elegant and stylish without being too posh.

Greenery or Floral Poles

A greenery or floral pole is a simple, yet stunning, way to decorate your ceremony space. It’s perfect for couples who are planning an outdoor wedding or who want to incorporate nature or their favourite florals into their big day décor.
I really dig the yellow sunflowers the couple chose as it suited their personality to a tee.


Candles are an elegant way to add some romance to your ceremony space . You can use them alone or paired with other decorations , such as flowers or greenery to create the perfect ambiance. Candles create warmth and looks really nice in wedding photography.

String Lights

String lights are another popular choice for couples who want a romantic feel for their big day . They can be used alone or paired with other decorations , such as flowers or greenery , to create the perfect ambiance . Just be sure to have someone on hand to light them before the ceremony begins !

Some advice from a professional wedding stylist

No matter what type of ceremony backdrop you choose , remember that it should reflect your personal style as a couple . The most important thing is that you’re happy with the final result ! Whatever you choose , we know it will be gorgeous !

I asked the question to one of my favourite wedding ceremony stylists, Abbey from Lovesick Weddings what is her best advice for couples looking to decorate their ceremony space.

“My number 1 tip for couples choosing a ceremony design is to consider your ceremony location and take advantage of what it already has to offer. We like to work in with the environment the couples getting married in and highlight the beauty in it with our designs. 

For example, if the space has a gorgeous view of the ocean or gardens, use that as your focal point. You don’t need an arch but may perhaps consider a rug for and you partner to stand on to still create an intimate space. Or maybe some plinths with fresh floral designs to pull focus (kind of like a picture frame) of the gorgeous view behind.

If the location doesn’t have much shelter (an open field or headland), consider market umbrellas or a refreshment table to keep your guests hydrated and shaded.

Look at the colours in your chosen location. Are they earthy with tones of natural browns and greens?

Consider wooden chairs and a wooden arch to compliment the colours already there.

Is it a blank canvas with a sleek minimal feel? Consider our sleek minimal white plinths and steel white signing table.

My number 1 tip for couples is to go to your chosen location, have a look around and think about the design features it already boasts. We then can come in and blend into its beauty to add some extra touches.

Thanks to the featured amazing Sydney wedding stylists who have made my job as a wedding photographer so much easier

Abby from Lovesick Weddings

Hunted Yard

The Marmalade Sky

Best Buds Florist

If you still need help finding an amazing Sydney wedding ceremony location that will look amazing even in wet weather, I have written a blog post that highlights the 7 Best Indoor Wedding Ceremony Venues In Sydney. Check it out!

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