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25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

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25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

The Best 25 Engagement Locations In Sydney

Updated: 16 December 2020

Over the last 8 years photographing weddings in Sydney I’ve seen some amazing places with my couples during our engagement sessions.

We are blessed with amazing weather and stunning locations living in Sydney so there’s no excuses to go for a drive and exploring what we have in front of us.

There’s a wide variety of places for engagement photography from the city laneways to the beaches, and everything in between. I absolutely love finding new places I have not been to before, and sometimes my clients suggest places they love spending time in.

I believe there is something for everyone in these favourite places of mine. Of course, this list isn’t going to cover everything there is, but it’s a good start!

The best engagement session location in Sydney could even be in your own home doing something you love together with your partner. Or even your favourite cafe having a smashed avo and a double shot latte.

In terms of the best time of day for your engagement session, I highly recommend late afternoon as we can make the most of “Golden Hour” which is the last 2 hours of sunlight, giving us the best lighting conditions for your photographs.

If you have any questions or want to know my thoughts on a particular venue, please contact me and I’ll be happy to give you some ideas.

So here it is, my 25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

In no particular order

Royal National Park

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

The Royal National Park is one of my favourite places and for good reason. There is something for everyone, whether you want to go for a hike, or cruise around in a row boat.

For those up for adventure, the Garie Beach walk is pretty epic . The Garie Beach walk is a scenic coastal stroll which takes you along the top of the coastal cliffs, before dropping down to the fantastic Garie Beach. It’s a good 45min hike but well worth it!

Wattamolla Beach also is pretty good as it has a shallow lagoon which you can run around and play splashy games together for a bit of fun!

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

La Perouse

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Where in Sydney can you find a castle and a fort in the same location?

Only La Perouse!

I love the wooden boardwalk that takes you to Bare Island, and you can go underneath it for some great photos next to the water. The location is absolutely amazing during sunset so make sure you time your engagement session close to the sun going down.

Curl Curl Beach

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

One of the Northern Beaches most popular weekend haunts, Curl Curl Beach is a pretty good spot for your engagement session in Sydney.

It has a nice walking track where you can get a birds eye view of the entire beach (not too many steps). If you keep following the track, you’ll end up in the beach pool where you’ll find a spectacular view and rocks you can climb up.

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Once you’ve had enough you can go run around on a nice stretch of sand and jump in for a swim right after. Winning!

Sydney University

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Not only is the university a great place to study but also a place where you can find your future husband or wife! Which was exactly what happened for my clients you see here!

The Great Hall the grand old building you see pictured here, and can be very popular during university semester. If you go during semester break, you’ll have the place to yourself to explore the old hallways that remind you of a set in Harry Potter!

Centennial Parklands

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

I always get asked the question from my couples, “Where can I find some nice long grass for my engagement photos?”. Nine times out of ten, I always say Centennial Parklands. Why? Because there is plenty of it, there’s no snakes around and you can run around in it safely without getting too dirty.

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

If tall trees are your thing, then you will find it here at Centennial Park too. There’s plenty of them and they look amazing in the sunset!

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Clovelly Beach

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Clovelly Beach is the tiniest beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, wedged between two rocky ridges. It doesn’t have the wide expanse of sand that is familiar to most of the Sydney beaches. What I do love about it are the rock platforms, not so much the beach itself.

During low tide, you can walk right out to the water and have some amazing colours and textures in front of you. Plus, the sunsets right behind the beach so you will have an amazing sunset if the weather is kind enough to you on the day.

I also found a nice hidden cave which you can get all snuggly and hide away from all the onlookers.

I recommend having a mid week engagement session so you don’t get all of the crowds that regularly appear over the weekend.

Atholl Hall

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Also home to one of Sydney’s most popular wedding venues, Atholl Hall has a pretty magnificent view of Sydney Harbour and a pretty good sunset to top it off. It is part of a walking track network that links it with Bradleys Head so you can make a hike out of it if that tickles your fancy.

It’s got a nice beach to play around with and after you’re done check out the cafe for lunch!

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Bradleys Head

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

One of my favourite spots with a pretty special view of our entire city, Bradley’s Head is pretty closely to Atholl Hall and Taronga Zoo. With a stunning set of stairs down to the bottom of an old wharf overlooking a 100 million dollar view. It’s got a small beach which you can dip your toes in, but the reason why you’re here is that view!

One heads up before you arrive is, that there are only 10 car spots in the carpark so come midweek to avoid the crowds (and the fisherman too).

Wendy’s Secret Garden

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Wendy’s Secret Garden is Sydney’s worst kept secret as pretty much everyone under the sun knows about it. But in the eyes of most people, it’s nice pretty garden that you can lose yourself in and be transported into a secret garden of Eden worlds away from the noise and traffic.

I love how you can find a nice quiet spot away from all the crowds and get up nice and close to nature.

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney
25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney
25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

A place very close to my heart, I spent two years of my professional working life at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney as their Sponsorship Manager trying to get corporate dollars to keep this place beautiful.

I can say that I probably know it better than most people having inside information on the best hidden spots and I know every tree by it’s scientific name (that’s probably a lie, but you get the idea!)

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney
25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

If pretty flowers, nice big trees and lush greens are your idea of awesome, then I’ll be happy to show you around.

Just be prepared to do some walking so pack your comfy shoes and we’ll go on a journey together.

With a nice stroll you will end up in Mrs Macquarie’s Chair where you’ll get a fine view of the entire Sydney Harbour Bridge

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney
25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

The Rocks

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Yes, Sydney’s The Rocks is a pretty touristy place at any given time of day, but in my very honest opinion a place you can still come away with some really interesting and unique pre wedding photography. All you have to do is walk through one of the old laneways and go exploring a little and you’ll find plenty of great spots

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney
25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Sydney CBD Laneways

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Being over 200 years old, the old streets of Sydney are still littered with old laneways that look so awesome for your engagement session.

I just love the old brickwork which has an air of mysteriousness to it and old world charm that just works for a more moody style of photography.

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Inner city streets/Bars

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

If the Sydney small bar scene really is something you love doing with your partner, how about making it a date whilst doing your engagement session? There’s plenty of options around the CBD. Just to throw a few names your way, Doss House, Palmer and Co, Baxter Inn, Door Knock.

I’d love nothing more than to share a cocktail or two with you both whilst you cosy up and unwind whilst unknowingly getting some nice couple photos.

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

If you’re into your street graffiti art you do not need to travel to Melbourne to find it! There’s a few streets in St Peters that has some pretty neat artworks right near the train station. If this is what you love, then let’s go here!

The actual Sydney CBD itself is also pretty great if you love the city lifestyle. My clients actually live around the corner with their little pooch so this is what they would do normally!

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Sydney Opera House

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

The most iconic Sydney building of them all, the Sydney Opera House is a pretty special place in the hearts of Sydneysiders.

Also one of the busiest places too, so I recommend either a very early morning start, or a late afternoon when the crowds of tourists are still sleeping in their hotels or in the bus on the way to the Sydney Opera House.

It requires a bit of thinking outside of the square, but if you’re up for a bit of experimentation then we can make it happen. I just love the textures of the tiles ,the shapes and colours of it.

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Cabarita Park

cabarita park

Six years ago I was married at Cabarita Park, so I love coming back here every time as it reminds me of everything that was my wedding day.

Not only is it special to me, but I love the fact it has a small beach for you to get your beach fix without having to travel for an hour just to get to one. It has a very large fig tree that has been there for years and looks amazing. It’s got rock platforms and a nice boardwalk.

cabarita park

Just watch out for passing ferries if you decide to stand on the rocks unless you want to get splashed with the crystal clear waters of Parramatta River (clearly not that clean!)

cabarita park


couple having coffee at tram sheds

I love coming to Tramsheds on a weekend for brunch and recently only thought about bringing my clients here for their engagement session. Not only can I get my shopping done afterwards, but it’s got plenty of old character in the building’s exterior.

First and foremost, you have to get a coffee before you get started, which gives us a great excuse for a chat, getting to know each other and ironing out those pre-photo shoot nerves you may have.

Not far away is Jubilee Park which if you keep walking will lead you to Blackwattle Bay for some nice photos near the Anzac Bridge.

Best thing of all is, there’s a Gelato Messina waiting for you once we finish the session!

couple having coffee at tram sheds

Cockatoo Island

cockatoo island engagement session
cockatoo island engagement session

Ahh…Cockatoo Island…Surprsingly there’s not a lot of Cockatoos there…but plenty of pesky seagulls who try and take your lunch!!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site right in the middle of our harbour and only accessible by a ferry which only goes there a few times a day, it’s really worth the effort. Trust me!!

Once you’re there you will be transported to another world, actually around the late 1800s when it used to be a penal colony, turned into a reform school for really bad juvenile girls and a naval shipyard to repair boats during WWII.

cockatoo island engagement session

What is in it for engagement photography? If you’re a fan of the old world industrial look (I really dig it!), then you’ll be in for a huge treat. Think old rustic rooms with white wash walls, old bomb shelters, rust and stone things.

cockatoo island engagement session

We could easily spend the whole day exploring here.

Observatory Hill

observatory hill sunset

If you’re a sucker for that golden light that you often see in Instagram then Observatory Hill is a place you’ll find it. It faces extreme west during sunset and you’ll have these crazy hues of yellow, red and orange right in front of you. Plus, you’ll have the most epic view of the entire harbour right there in the horizon.

observatory hill sunset
observatory hill sunset



What’s not to love about an old train warehouse with exposed brick walls, train tracks and lovely old buildings? If you’re after that vintage rustic look for your photos, then this is a place I’d recommend for you.


It’s normally nice and quiet at Carriageworks but try and avoid the time when they have their farmers market every Saturday 8am-1pm and you will be just fine. The farmers market is pretty awesome by the way so make sure you check it out sometime


Cremorne Point

couple in sunset

A relatively new engagement session location for me personally, I was introduced to Cremorne Point by a client who had a small wedding there last year. Why I didn’t think of it before defeats me, but I only wish I found out earlier!

With stunning views of Sydney Harbour, with a few little surprise locations where you can find pockets of rocky outlooks leading to small private beaches. A nice little local gem for those who can’t be bothered crossing the bridge (yes, looking at you North Shore peeps!)

Cremorne point

Audley Boatshed

Audley Boatshed with couple rowing a boat

If your idea of romance is paddling away in a rowboat down a river, then we can make it happen for you at Audley in the Royal National Park.

Best thing of all is, you both do the hard paddling work, and I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride (and take some rad photos at the same time). Plus it’s even better if you’ve never done it before and you go around in circles! Makes for a lot of fun 🙂

Boat Hire is $25 for the hour, just enough time for what we need

Audley Boatshed
Audley Audley

Camp Cove/Watsons Bay

camp cove engagement

Famous for the most expensive and overrated fish and chips in the planet, it is however a pretty cool place for an engagement shoot in Sydney.

Around the corner there is a little beach called Camp Cove, which I absolutely adore. It’s nice and private, not too busy and there is a little hut on the water that is just magical.

Oh, and the sunsets are to die for on a nice day. Check out these ones I prepared earlier

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Any Beach in Sydney

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

In Sydney there are over 100 beaches you could visit and it would take you close to half a year to visit them all (I would’nt try and do this in one day!).

But what I’m trying to say is, there’s plenty of them around and we’re actually pretty lucky compared to someone who lives in Canberra for instance where the nearest beach is 3 hours drive!

My suggestion to you is, if you would like the Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney near the water or in the water, then let’s do it!

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Paddington Reservoir

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Who would have thought there was an old Roman style aqueduct sitting in the middle of busy Oxford Street?

Actually, there really is one. Originally contracted in 1866 and it was part of the water supply for the Eastern Suburbs, until the roof caved in in 1990!

But good things come out of bad things, and today it’s a pretty special hideaway that’s unique in every sense and is just perfect for engagement photography as well as for weddings.

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

Final Thoughts

25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

We finally made it to the end of the article and I hope you liked my 25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney.

If you can’t find anywhere in Sydney for your engagement session, I’d love to take you outside of Sydney for some of my favourite locations (just ask and I’ll be there!)

If you’re still stuck on how to plan your wedding, I’m here to help. I’ve seen over hundreds of weddings and I know how hard it is to plan one (I’ve been there myself too!) 

Here’s a few more articles that I prepared earlier that I’m sure you’ll find useful when planning your Sydney wedding

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Planning your honeymoon? I’ve got something for you here too

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I also wrote some tips on how to get better wedding photos on the day

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And one of my favourite weddings at Sydney’s Vaucluse House and Grounds of Alexandria 

Jason & Jade’s Wedding

If you would love to chat more about your wedding photography, I’d love to hear from you. Just book in a time with me here via my calendar and we’ll make it happen

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