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The 5 Best Wedding Favours to Show Your Guests Some Love

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Wedding favours are a great way to thank your guests and show them how much you appreciate them. Whether you’re looking for something affordable, fun, or unique – there are plenty of wedding favour ideas that will let your guests know just how important they are to you. You do not have to spend a fortune on the gifts, at the end of the day your guests are eternally grateful for your presence and often that’s enough of a gift in itself!

As a Sydney Wedding Photographer who has seen over 300 weddings I’ve seen some amazing gifts that my clients have provided to their guests as a small token of appreciation so I thought I share what I have seen if you decide to do so.

Gifts that are edible

For couples who want to give their guests something delicious, edible and does not add clutter to someone’s life edible wedding favours are a great option. A few popular ideas include chocolate, macarons, homemade cookies and much more. You can also get creative by personalizing the packaging with cute labels or custom boxes.


If wine is special to you and your partner, then consider giving away mini bottles of wine as your wedding favours. You can even personalize the bottle labels with funny messages or pictures of yourselves! Another cool idea is to give away personalized wine glasses with your names and wedding date engraved on them – this way your friends can remember all the fun times they had at your big day long after it’s over.

A Donation to a Worthy Cause

Instead of gifting something that could potentially add to landfill, why not provide a gift of love to a cause that is close to your heart. This is my personal favourite and something that I did on behalf of my guests. I donated $10 per guest to the Cancer Council of Australia as my grandma died of cancer. It is a unique way to say thank you but also a very heartfelt one that I am sure everyone would appreciate. A lot of the larger charities have dedicated websites for wedding favours and they produce personalised gift cards which you can place for each guest.

My clients which you can see in the picture above donated to Lifeline as the grooms brother unfortunately took his own life 3 months before the wedding day. When the groom shared this with the guests during his speech the whole room was in tears and it was such an honourable thing to do.


Tea is a wonderful idea as it does not contribute to landfill and best of all, who doesn’t love a good tea? I’ve seen tea in small packets, test tubes and other weird and wonderful ways. Either way, it is a win/win for everyone!

Something you can plant

I thought this was a wonderful idea to give something that will give back to you over time, and that is seeds! A great way to sow your love (sorry really bad dad joke!) between you and your guests. You can choose florals or edibles. The Seed Collection has a huge variety of seeds and packet designs for you to choose from.

Soy Candles

For those who are really into things that smell nice, gifting your guests some soy candles can be a great way to spark joy into someone’s life. This has been quite popular at the Sydney weddings I have been to recently and a great way to show how much you appreciate your guests.

Wedding favours don’t have to be expensive or fancy – they just need to be thoughtful so that every single guest feels appreciated and remembered. With so many options available these days – from edible treats to lovely keepsakes – there’s no excuse for not finding the perfect favour for each one of your special guests!

So take some time out before the big day and find something that speaks from the heart – it will definitely make their day!

If you loved my article about the 5 Best Wedding Favours to Show your Guests some Love, I have plenty more great wedding hints and tips to share with you. I recently wrote a great post about the 7 Gorgeous Wedding Ceremony Backdrops Styles that will make your Sydney wedding look amazing!

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