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Picture Perfect: Tips on Dressing for Your Engagement Session

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centennial park engagement session

Engagement photos are such an exciting and special part of the wedding journey. It is a special time where it is all about you two, no screaming kids to worry about and all about having the best time with each other. For most people that might be a year in your life that you had a “fiancé”.

One way to celebrate this time together is with an engagement session in Sydney. After all, you’ll be able to look back on these pictures for years to come and remember how young and good looking you both were before grey hairs start settling in, love handles start appearing where you least expect it.

I very often get the question when my clients book an engagement session with me “What should we wear?”

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will provide helpful tips on how to dress for your engagement session Sydney so that you can look your best and get stunning photos.

Wear Complimentary Colours

centennial park engagement session

First things first, consider colors and patterns that will compliment each other in the photos. Try to pick one dominant color and a few complimentary colors that will showcase both you and your partner’s personalities. You’ll want the colors to pop off the screen so try not to blend into one another too much – bolder prints are always better!

Someone decides they want to wear something with lots of patterns and textures, it is a really good idea for the other to wear a solid colour. That way it does not clash for attention and it looks really nice together.

I did some research for you and Googled “complimentary colours for clothing” and found a great resource that shows you the colours that compliment each other when you choose your clothing for your engagement session.

Add Some Fun Props

centennial park engagement session

When it comes to planning the perfect engagement session, don’t forget the props! Adding special touches like balloons, signs, or jewelry can make all the difference and take your photos from good to great. Not only do they serve as a fun element for your photos, but accessories can tie together the theme of your shoot.

If you love having picnics in the park on the weekend, why not pack a picnic with some Champagne in a basket.

Little décor pieces like balloons also add a lot of charm to an engagement session.

Wear Something Comfortable

couple during sunset

Engagement sessions are a great way for couples to get creative, show off their personalities, and even have a little fun. But before you rush out to buy the perfect outfit for your session, make sure that whatever you wear is most importantly comfortable.

You don’t want to be worrying about tugging at your skirt or adjusting your shirt throughout the shoot; instead, choose something that allows you and your partner to move around with ease and express yourselves freely! That doesn’t mean it has to be boring though – look for flowy fabrics and colors that bring out your features but still give you room to breathe. And don’t forget accessories – they can add just enough flair without making things uncomfortable or over-the-top.

You also do not need to rush out and buy something new, just grab a favourite dress or shirt that you already have.

When it comes down to it, comfort is key when planning an engagement session.

Bring Your Furry Friend

Animal lovers; yes, I’m talking to you. Sounds like an ideal time to bring out your best buddy for some playtime. Not only do you get to capture some nice photos on the couch or go get pet shots, but you can also snap some great photos of you and your pet having the best time.

Wear Clothes to Suit the Location

If you decide to have your engagement session in a forest or amongst greenery, then perhaps look at complimentary colours from green (reds, oranges, blues or whites) instead of green or yellows. That way you will stand out better in the background so you are not lost amongst the greenery.

The first thing to consider when dressing for an engagement session is the location of the shoot. You want your outfit to match the overall theme and feel of the spot where you’ll be taking photos. For example, if you’re shooting in a park or natural setting, choose clothing that reflects colors found outdoors like navy blues, greens and browns; bright colors can look too overpowering against nature backdrops.

You’ll also want to dress according to your personalities as a couple – something that showcases who you both are and how much fun you have together.

Cold weather makes for great wedding photography and also for engagement photos so if you decide to go somewhere cold then wear boots, jackets and layers. Even though you just bought that amazing summer dress on sale and you love it maybe leave it for summer instead (trust me, it’s not worth the pain!)

Same goes if you decide to go somewhere with water and sand, wear something “beachy”, flowy colourful dresses, linens and lovely textures. You can also wear white, but flip a coin on who does that. Which brings me to my next point….

Try Not to Wear the Same Colours as each other

There is a myth out there ( I don’t know who created it), but you do NOT need to wear matching clothes! So please, do not rock the matching white shirt and blue jeans as 1) that breaks the complimentary colour rule and 2) it’s a bit 1980s (unless that’s your thing of course).

Do not dress in double denim (just don’t do what Brittany and Justin. Please. Just don’t!)

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, here’s my tips on dressing for your engagement session in Sydney. I have been a Sydney wedding photographer for over 8 years and I have seen it all from lavish extravagent weddings, chic country style weddings and even the tiny elopements where I had to be a witness.

I know you have another burning question, and that is “Where should we go for our engagement session?” Well guess what, I’ve already come up with the answer to that one and here’s something I prepared earlier with my best 25 Best Engagement Session Locations in Sydney

I also wrote a great article about light and how important it is in your photography since it’ll give you the most gorgeous photos. I’m a friendly photographer who loves to help, so I’d be very pleased if I can help you plan your wedding photography schedule – even better if you want to chat over a double shot latte! 

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