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Why You NEED To Hire A Videographer For Your Wedding (A Totally Non-Biased Opinion)

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If a picture tells a thousand words, why do you need a videographer for your wedding as well — after all, how many words does one wedding need? I know this is something many couples are unsure about — so if you’re wondering why you need a wedding videographer, you’re not alone! But I’m here to tell you it’s one of the best investments you can make on your wedding day.

Yes, I might be a photographer, but I’ve also worked with hundreds of couples and I see firsthand the joy and emotions they feel when receiving a video from their wedding day. In a nutshell, videos plus photos really provide the full package — capturing the movement, sounds and atmosphere from every important moment of the day, so I know it’s a smart investment. 

Here’s everything you need to know about video and your wedding day! 

What Types Of Videography Are Available?

First thing’s first — when we talk about wedding videography, what exactly does that mean? Good question, as there are actually two types:

Cinematic Videography 

Wedding Highlight of Elmira & James from SEcreativesAU on Vimeo.

With cinematic videography, think beautifully choreographed and produced movies made with the best quality video, lighting and audio equipment — and even drones for a birds-eye view. You’ll need one or two dedicated videographers for this. Yes, it’s incredibly cinematic and beautiful, but the best wedding videographers don’t come cheap! 

Hybrid Videography

In this instance, both the photography and videography are done by the same person, which is simpler, yes, but means fewer moving parts, less equipment (tripods have a way of really getting in the way!) and can be more affordable. Hybrid videos will capture the highlights of your day that you’ll want to remember the most such as dad’s funny jokes, grandma shedding a tear and the emotions of your first dance. 

The best way to document a wedding is to have both photo and video, but if a separate videographer is a bit out of your budget, I’m offering a new hybrid service where I do both — taking photos and video, either alone or with my assistant. 

Reasons To Have A Wedding Videographer

Why use a wedding videographer? I could go on and on … but I won’t! Instead, here’s a quick summary of the main reasons I’ve found that couples love having video captured on their magical day. 

Incredible Storytelling 

Why should you have videography? As a storyteller, I find that video can tell a story on a more multi-dimensional level, which complements your wedding album so beautifully. 

Your wedding video will combine the energy of movement, sound, voice and all of the excitement and anticipation of your day, combined with a carefully selected soundtrack. 

This Isn’t Your Mum And Dad’s Wedding Video! 

I know what you’re thinking — my parents made me watch their ridiculous wedding video over and over, I won’t be doing that to my kids! Luckily, the trend from the 80s of super-long wedding videos is long gone. These days, wedding videos are all about a highlights reel, showcasing big and little moments in a compact and well-curated package.

Can promise you won’t fall asleep watching your own video! 

Relive The Emotions Of Your Wedding At Any Time

One of the best reasons to have a wedding videographer is to remember the emotion of the day. Your wedding video will capture every emotion, intimate moment and raw vulnerability from your wedding. Each time you rewatch it, you can relive those treasured moments over and over. From those happy tears to your brother’s crazy moves on the dance floor, video is the only medium that can accurately capture these. 

When you rewatch it, you can relive the same feelings you had on that day and the special interactions between loved ones. Whether it’s happy tears or silly champagne toasts, video is the only medium that’s able to capture those emotions and memories forever.

The Power Of Audio Recordings

Weddings are a rare moment when large families and groups of friends can gather in one place, which is why video can be so important — it captures the laughs, voices and conversations of your loved ones. As we age, to be able to remember the joy, love and happiness in the voices of our parents and grandparents is worth everything. 

So, should you get a videographer for your wedding? Yes! It’s worth playing around with elements of your budget to see if you can make it work. I can recommend it, but so can the couples I’ve worked with. In the words of one of my lovely couples Courtney and Brodie:

“I think the main reasons people would want video would be to just relive those moments and emotions and feel all the feels all over again. That’s why it was so lovely to have that awesome video!​ I loved the little snippets that we had as it captured the overall day which was perfect for us. I have watched it countless times and shared it with family.”

Advantages Of Hybrid Videography 

Yes, that is me doing photo and video at the same time!

If you’re interested in videography but aren’t sure if it’s feasible, my new hybrid videography package could be perfect for you. I wanted to tell a better story and realised that, while photography on its own is great and amazing, I could combine it with video coverage to create a PERFECT wedding package (plus, it’s more affordable than you think)! 

Because it’s just myself, or my assistant and I, we won’t take up much room and can provide seamless coverage of your day. I’ve seen firsthand that large bits of equipment, like tripods and rigs, can make guests feel uncomfortable, so we avoid all that. 

And after your wedding, you’re presented with both photos and your video in the same style and vision — the best of both worlds in one neat package! If you hire a separate videographer, the style of your videos is likely to be very different from your photos. 

Tips For Choosing A Videographer 

At the end of the day, hiring any Sydney wedding vendor comes down to personal choice and finding someone with an energy, vibe and vision that matches your own. 

But for video, it’s best to check out their portfolio online and see if their type of video matches what you’re looking for. Personally, we love simple, raw, emotive and candid moments, so you’ll see those in all of our videos. 

Or, you may want something more dramatic and cinematic, so decide ahead of time what you prefer. And it’s always ok to ask a videographer for examples of their work — but if you don’t love what you see, look elsewhere! 
I know it’s not an easy decision, but I am always here to help! If you have questions about how your photos and videos might work for your wedding vision, I definitely have answers and I’d love to hear from you!

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