Lynn & Francois

What I loved about Lynn & Francois's
Ottimo House Wedding

Lynn & Francois are just so cute together. And they have a lot of really close friends and family. They had over 300 guests, but they genuinely knew every single one of them. 

I can't recall ever seeing the groom cry so much in one day. They even joked about 15 times throughout the day! But it was so beautiful to see how much it really meant to him and Lynn, and how terribly close they both are to their families. 

The day stated with a Vietnamese tea ceremony, where they honoured their ancestors past and present, and had a massive lunch afterwards.
The ceremony was held at Ottimo House with Ben Ager as their awesome celebrant making it really enjoyable for everyone. 

I can't recall how many times i laughed throughout the day, it was such an enjoyable wedding to be part of. Really was!

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